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June/July 2012

Hello Players!

It's been a wonderful adventure moving in with family and planning our future together. I am honored to be called "grandmother" ~ well a form of it anyway. My granddaughters refer to me as "ita," which is an abbreviation of "abuelita." (spanish for little grandma) We are a bilingual family! 

Summer is a time of growth and expansion. Let the fires of your personal passions fuel your life. I am.

For me, I 'll be feeding my soul by keeping time with the children... growing our relationships. We play the Tarot games of course, but also cook, hike and do various playful projects around the house. 

What's your passion?

Thank you for coming over to play. 

HAVE FUN... It's good for the Soul! 

P.S. If you don't yet have your own copy of one of the games, I hope you will schedule a session on Skype or Facetime with me to try it out.

You can also play the free demo on the site.

It's worth a roll of the dice
 to see where the tarot takes you!


(Past event) June 17 ~ Tarot Today Radio  Guest of Dax Carlisle at 1pm Eastern. Listen here
 Aug 25 & 26 - SF BATS ~  I'll be an attendee. Find me and let's play the game! (For more info on the event visit here)
 Sept 26  ~ Gaian Tarot Circle   With Joanna Powell Colbert. We'll play The Travel Tarot Game with the Gaian Tarot and learn together as a group.

 Schedule with me for an absolutely unique tarot reading,
  • We will create a key question, roll the dice & see where the tarot takes you.
  • I'll guide your game play offering insights and interpretation as needed.
  • At game's end you will have a complete tarot reading along with action affirmations to use in the coming weeks.

What's New
  • ONLY  a few left! ~ The Travel Tarot Game, hand made, limited edition, soft game board, with 3 new tarot games to play is now available at  Divine Play Etsy Shop.
  • Tarot Game Facilitator mentorship program. Rolling out late fall! Playing and facilitating the game is easy & fun, yet results in a valuable, effective tarot reading for each of the participants. Interested? Please contact me

Jude Alexander

Divine Play Productions
a company dedicated to producing and facilitating games and activities that enliven the soul.
Blessing coin: Passion

Blessing Coin

PASSION  "an intense desire or enthusiasm for something" 

THINK ABOUT: How would your autobiography read? Is it full of gusto? Are there tales of passionate pursuits?

1. Free up some time. Let go of a committment, so that you may pursue your passion.
2. Let your actions be imperfect. Just begin and enjoy what you've chosen. Perfection is not the goal.
3.Change course as needed. This week's passion may not fit into tomorrow's plan.

The first person to write to me with an account of how this played in your life this month gets a free 30 minute tarot game reading with me.
The Travel Tarot Game

My daughters engaged in the Travel Tarot ~ Storytelling game

Limited Edition
The Travel Tarot Game

3 new tarot games to play with any deck. All levels appropriate. 

Tarot Storytelling - tell true & imaginative tales inspired by the cards.
Elements Game - practice corresponding the 4 elements to the images.
Numbers Game - a slightly competitive game involving your tarot birth cards.

Learn more

Becky Lemere

Meet A Divine Player

Becky Lemere
Becky and I first met through social media, but had the opportunity to meet and play at Readers Studio this past April.
I came across the Tarot Game about two years ago.  I was looking for something that would help my clients be more interactive and to help them to not be so afraid of tarot. I found that when playing the game I tend to pay more attention to what the tarot is telling me.
I have introduced the game to friends and clients at psychic fairs.  It gives people a different look at tarot and helps them to not be scared of it.
I plan on continuing to lead Tarot Game Sessions.  The insight that I have received during game play has been amazing and I hope to pass this on to others.

Becky has been a professional tarot reader for six years and leads Tarot Game sessions in her local area. Contact her at (989)430-6242

Game Stories

Angie says: Playing the travel game with my new Gaian Tarot deck has really helped me to learn the cards.  I am encouraged to look at the images, before looking up a description of the card.
Carrie writes:  I do a lot of traveling and bring my Travel edition with me everywhere. It always bring a smile to the places I visit. Most who play share a similar comment: I never realized the tarot could be so much fun!
Friends and family are now reminding me not to forget "that cool tarot game".

Pamela writesGotta say that the Tarot Game is beyond price when it comes to delving into the depths of Tarot. Thank you so much for creating it. And anyone who doesn't have's a Must Have.

30/30 Promo ...CHANCE TO WIN!! ~ do one of the following in the next 30 days and receive a free 30 minute tarot reading with me.
  • If you have played the game, here's what I'd like you to do:Go to and write a short review of your game experience.
  • Or write to me directly...I'd love to share your story!

Thanks for helping get the word out!

Fun 4 Soul
A Passion-driven Life
Be sure to check out suggestions for you in the Blessing Coin column. 

Soul seeks a boost from your human experiences. What inner passions have you not expressed yet?

My friend Debra is a devoted mother and spouse. She created posters and signs for all the fundraisers throughout her children's years at school. Now she is stepping into her identitiy as "Henna Artist."
  • Consider what mundane activity you are well-accomplished at that can be brought to higher level. Express Yourself!
~ the possibilities are endless

Following a passion for henna art


Have you played
The Tarot Game?
I'd love to hear your story.


Be A Professional Game Facilitator

I have been facilitating game play for over a year now with great results.

Players come to the party. Some are friends, others have never met. After a short introduction of game guidelines, the games begin.

I've witnessed insights, laughter, new bonds formed, and occassional tears. Each player goes home with a short personal reading and often a desire to do more tarot.

It's a rewarding and unique experience. If interested in becoming a facilitator, please
contact me for details.

queen of wands

Tarot Time

Queen of Wands
A storytelling prompt from
The Tarot Game

Immerse yourself in the imagery and then respond:

"What true personal story is inspired by the image?"

Answer as well as you can. Though short or single word answers are possible, they are not as beneficial as a more detailed response.

Use a journal to write your response or better yet sit with someone and with this exercise, begin a storytelling session. 

Image byTarot de St. Croix

Free Game Trial

Try a demo version of The Tarot Game here.

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