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Thanks For Coming Over To Play


December 1, 2011

Many of you know me from Facebook, Twitter, Readers Studio Ning or Tarot Town. A number of you have met me at conferences in Santa Fe, New York, and San Francisco. A few of you play with me at Game Nights, Tarot Tea Parties and festivals here in Los Osos, California.

A special welcome to my many new subscribers! 

To everyone who is meeting me for the first time, HAVE FUN... It's good for the soul.

There's often pressure this time of year to get a lot done. Be everywhere. Do everything. 
Keep in mind your choice to say no to some of it. Keep time for yourself, even if that is just short
breaks between the scurrying!

I like to step outside, enjoy my garden or read a chapter from a book on the shelf.
 ~ These are the things that enliven my soul
                                                   & bring me peace. What's yours?    ~ Jude


February 17-20 ~ I'll be at Pantheacon debuting a new game for Tarot enthusiasts. Look for it at Tarot Media Company's vendor table.

Locals are invited to a Tarot Tea Party on Sunday, February 12, 2012 in the garden chapel at Coalesce Bookstore, Morro Bay. Call them to reserve a space. 805.772.2880.

Spring 2012 ~ I'll be hosting a Tarot Game Social at Readers Studio in New York. Join me on Friday night, April 27, 2012 9pm-11pm.
Visit Readers Studio site for more details. Click here.

For an absolutely unique tarot reading,
schedule with me!
~ We will create a key question, roll the dice & see where the tarot takes you. I'll guide your game play offering insights and interpretation as needed and then at game's end you will have a complete tarot reading along with action affirmations to use in the coming weeks.

Jude Alexander

Divine Play Productions

Blessing Coin

Reflection: A fixing of the thoughts on something; careful consideration

THINK ABOUT:  What in your life can benefit from thinking upon it? Let the divine in to help answer.

Set aside an ample amount of time that is just for meandering through your thoughts. Let what comes to the surface then be the subject of focused consideration.

~ Give yourself permission to do nothing 10, 20, or 60 min. each day. 
~ Turn off any electronic distractions during these periods.
~ Begin with a quiet personal prayer or chant and end with a spoken gratitude.

Meet A Divine Player


Erin, an enthusiastic fan.
I was introduced to the Tarot Game at the Reader's Studio 
As I watched and listened to the game being played and directed by Jude Alexander, I wanted to play before the weekend was over.
I was amazed at how deep it went!. 
Players believing they were just playing a game like snakes and ladders.  Really they were having a counselling session and having fun doing so. 
 The next day, I played and what an amazing experience! 
 I personally had  an ah-ha moment during the game.  
 Knew right away that I wanted the game and actually bought the demo.
What a great way to join tarot and counselling in a game format!  
I decided that this was a must have tool to help others!
And folks you don't need to know tarot to play but will learn lots.
Meeting Jude and sharing the tarot game was fantastic!!!
I became one of Jude's biggest fans and in turn the Tarot Game.
Next up ...becoming a game facilitator!!!!

Erin is a Spiritual Clairvoyant Medium who uses tarot and channels messages from beyond
Contact Erin at

Chance To Win

December Gift Giveaway:

 I've got gifting fever!
Go to The Tarot Game's facebook page between 11/28 and December 15th and click LIKE for a chance at one of 3 tarot prizes.

1. Hand crocheted Tarot cozie by Jaymi Elford
2. Gaian Tarot deck by Joanna Powell Colbert
3. A tarot reading with moi! (that's me in french ;-)

You're a fan from way back??? If you have played the game, here's a way to enter:
Go to and write a short review of the game. Notify me that you've done it, so I can add you to the fun!

Thanks everyone for your support in getting the word out that The Tarot Game is fun for small gatherings and a great gift to a tarot enthusiast you love.

Fun 4 Soul

Play a game
with someone you love
Routine between couples or good friends can be comforting, but the soul needs a new canvas from time to time.

Here's one I like to play with my best friend. The responses are often surprising - which is what enlivens the soul!

Take turns naming a category for the other to tell you their 3 best and why.
It stimulates storytelling and you learn a little more about each other's life experiences.

Category suggestions to get you started:
  • homes lived in
  • parks visited
  • desserts
  • tarot moments
the possibilities are endless

Give game play a try. See how it awakens your senses!


Have you played
The Tarot Game?
I'd love to hear your story.

Game Facilitators Wanted

If you've experienced "burn-out" from years of reading the cards or if you are new to the field, this could be right for you.

Beginning in January 2012, I will be offering training to tarot entrepreneurs in the art of facilitating tarot game play.

I love nothing more than doing tarot game readings... it's a fun, interactive way to help others help themselves through the wisdom of tarot.

Tarot Time

Ace of Cups
A storytelling prompt from
The Tarot Game

Immerse yourself in the imagery and then respond:

Dive in! What it is that you love about life?

Answer as well as you can. Though short or single word answers are possible, they are not as beneficial as a more detailed response.

Use a journal to write your response or better yet sit with someone and with this exercise, begin a storytelling session. 

Image byTarot de St. Croix

Free Game Trial

Try a demo version of The Tarot Game here.

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