A picture of professional organisations calling for the health bill to be dropped.
Dear NHS Supporter

Today the Royal College of General Practitioners issued a statement calling for the health bill to be dropped, joining many other health organisations who see it as fatally flawed. The size of professional opposition to the bill is undeniable and overwhelming, but to this can also be added the huge concern of health sector experts, charities, campaigners, economists and the majority of the public. 

The pressure is rising on the government, so if we all take a step we can help to stop it. What can you do to add your voice to the opposition?  
Adopt a peer and write to your MP
Send them a simple message saying that you believe the amendments to the bill are not sufficient and that it should be dropped.
Join the lobby and rally on March 7
Attend this event in and around Parliament to help get across to politicians and the media that the public and NHS staff are united in their dissatisfaction with what the government are trying to do.
Sign Dr Kailash Chand's petition and write to your local paper
Call on the government to drop the bill. It will make a difference as the media are watching for signs of mounting public concern.
Help us to fund the campaign to protect and promote the NHS
We believe that the NHS should provide comprehensive healthcare to all those who need it, regardless of their income. It should be fair and free at the point of use. It has proven itself to work well when properly supported - but it does need public support.

Thank you for your continued support.

Paul Evans

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