What is the full impact of the government's NHS policies?
Dear NHS supporter

It is shocking to see how quickly parts of the NHS are starting to decline, only 2 years after the OECD rated it as one of the best health systems in the world. Patients are suffering and services are being damaged. It is vital to gather the evidence and publicise it. With your support we have taken an important step.
We have launched an online database of evidence and examples, for all to use and contribute to. Seeing these examples side-by-side already presents a powerful case. With your support we want to keep building it up, to help fuel the public campaign to save our NHS from cuts and privatisation.

Already the database shows many instances of private companies cutting corners to the detriment of patients. It shows too how healthcare is becoming less fair, failing to prioritise the most sick.  Far from being the solution, the marketised service is shown through these examples to be riven with conflicting interests and the potential for profiteering. 

This is crucial evidence that we want to continue to compile and share with the media, campaigners, politicians and the public.
You can help by adding your information and examples. Take a look and tell us what you think. It is a big job so if you can, please help us with a donation to support our research and publicity work.
Thank you for your support
Paul Evans
NHS Support Federation



We believe the NHS should provide comprehensive healthcare to all who need it, regardless of income. It has proven itself to work well when properly supported, but it continues to need public support to ensure it exists for generations to come.


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