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The Netherlands

The VIDE Workshop in the city center of The Hague, Holland, 
is the home of VIDE, Visual & Individual Design Experiences.
VIDE organises all kind of activities in visual communi-
cation: workshops, exhibitions, debates, researches, etc.
The Workshop is located near the trainstations The Hague Holland Spoor and Station The Hague Central.

More info:
Anno Fekkes:
(+31) 651 525 046

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If you want to register,
please send an email to!

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2 weeks Experience:
1.800 euro

The fee includes hotel costs in The Hague throughout the Experience period, travelling expenses, the famous VIDE lunch, coffee, tea and soft drinks provided in the VIDE Workshop, as well as the Experience reader.
Berlin Experience:
900 euro

The trip to Berlin by train and the hotel costs in Berlin are included.
T Y P E    E X P E R I E N C E    I N   T H E   H A G U E

The slide of Donald Roos which he used to announce the VIDE Summer Design
Experience during his speech at the TYPO Berlin conference last week.

S O M E   G O O D   R E A S O N S   T O   J O I N   U S ! 

Type Design, a most useful design discipline

Why should designers be abreast of the type priciples at all times?
In order to make graphic design much more interesting by adding tools to your design skills. To perfectly master the art, and the projects in which you are engaged. To make your package of services look even more attractive.

The Graphic Design department at the Royal Academy of Art never included type design in its curriculum to train type designers. The fact that designers graduate in The Hague on a quite regular basis who, in addition to being graphic designers also design type, clearly demonstrates the additional value of this discipline. Also, graduates are capable of applying these skills tot typographic assignments, for instance on designing logos, word pictures and anagrams. Type design, however, also adds to a stronger typographic awareness. The most accurate detailing of letterforms leads to insight that should make (typo)graphic decisions much easier.


"Even though I was never involved in type design at a professional level, the discipline nevertheless did shape me as a (typo)graphic designer. Something I continue to take to my advantage every single day!" says Anno Fekkes, managing director at VIDE, Visual & Individual Design Experiences in The Hague.

Or, as Jacques Le Bailly explains: "If you would compare typography to the art of painiting, the design of type would be the craftmanship of making and mixing paint and the weaving of the canvas. The mastering of these crafts gives us control on every part of the process and the opportunity to create a perfect and most personal peace of art! Typography is defining hierarchy in the stream of information".

   Ask for the special fee for
   participants from developing

   Design Experiences Discounts
   •5% (90 euro!) if you bring
   your own laptop
   •5% if you register before
   1 June 2011
   •5% if you are part of a group
   of at least 3 participants


   This Experience update is
   send to many professors at
   Universities and Design
   If you are a professor
   or lecturer, we would
   appreciate it if you inform
   your students about our
   summer event, especially
   those who are interested
   in graphic design, type
   design and typography.
1   J U N E :  O N L Y   5   D A Y S   T O   G O !   

Just van Rossum and Donald Beekman visiting the VIDE Design Experience

The 1st of June: during many years a memorable day: for example, International Children's Day since 1925, first celebrated in the United States in San Francisco, nowadays celebrated in over 21 countries!
In 1938 Superman, created by the American Writer Jerry Siegel and the Canadian artist Joe Shuster made his first appearance in D.C. Comics' Action Comics Series issue #1 on the 1st of June.
In 1960, 1 June was also the day when The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, one of the most iconic LP's was released.
On the 1st of June in 1980 the first 24-hour news television station CNN is launched in Atlanta, Georgia.

Since many years, participants of the VIDE Summer Design Experience receive 5% discount if they register before the 1st of June! Don't miss this chance.
Registering for the VIDE Summer Design Experience is still possible until the 1st of July!

   The fees for joining this
   Sustainable Summer Design
   Experience are EUR 480.
   Fees include VIDE’s daily
   lunch, coffee, tea and soft
   drinks served at the
   VIDE Workshop, as well as
   the reader.
   A 5% discount will be offered
   to those who sign up prior to
   1 July and provided a group
   consists of at least three
   participants. Also, you may
   sign up for one day in which
   case participation costs will be
   EUR 150 for any day from
   Monday thru Thursday or
   EUR 200 if you decide to join
   us on Friday.


N E W N E W N E W N E W N E W N E W N E W N E W N E W N E 


Clients of all colours are more often aware
of the fact that sustainability matters to
both the environment and the business
community at the same time.
In fact, sustainability and communication
thereof has become essential in order to
remain competitive. Today’s juncture
requires design professionals who in
addition to the creative talent are also
perfectly familiar with the environmental
issues, sustainability principles, soft skills,
strategy an reputation management:
designers, who can think and act out of
the box and who are perfectly able to
advise companies and organisations in
their ‘change agents’ role.
So investing in knowledge development
in the sustainability domains not only
means you are protecting Mother Earth,
but also your own career as a graphic

VIDE seeks to promote sustainable
graphic design in the Netherlands,
provide information and organise
educational programmes, inspiration,
debates and several design research
programmes to contribute to the practical
training of students and professionals in
the future. 

On the initiative of and in association with
graphic designer Andrea Fuchs, this
year VIDE will be organising for the very
first time the international Summer
Graphic Design Experience dedicated
to sustainable graphic design. 

During this Experience, to be held from 29
August to 03 September, participants will
be introduced to material and production
aspects, sustainable internal and external
communication, inspiring practical
examples and data sources that should
allow them to design and/or manufacture
items in a more sustainable manner.

Opting for sustainable design! How can
you help develop green initiatives,
sustainable products, strategies and
communication? How can you efficiently
tackle your own mission, views and
personal targets to make sustainable
design the basic principle for all of your
How can you create additional value for
yourself and your clients and phrase
crystal-clear principles for your design
practice? How do you translate the
different aspects of sustainability and
your client’s environmental ambitions
into a concept? How would you
communicate matters to clients,
manufacturers, colleagues and staff?  

The programme will be prepared with
the utmost care and monitored by
designers, communication professionals
and manufacturers. 
The language to be
used during this international five days’
Experience is English. If you wish to take
part in August, please make sure to
send your e-mail message to!


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The VIDE Workshop during a break