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2511 VP The Hague
The Netherlands

The VIDE Workshop in the city center of The Hague, Holland, 
is the home of VIDE, Visual & Individual Design Experiences.
VIDE organises all kind of activities in visual communi-
cation: workshops, exhibitions, debates, researches, etc.
The Workshop is located near the trainstations The Hague Holland Spoor and Station The Hague Central.

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Anno Fekkes:
(+31) 651 525 046

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2 weeks Experience:
1.800 euro

The fee includes hotel costs in The Hague throughout the Experience period, travelling expenses, the famous VIDE lunch, coffee, tea and soft drinks provided in the VIDE Workshop, as well as the Experience reader.
Berlin Experience:
900 euro

The trip to Berlin by train and the hotel costs in Berlin are included.

Ask for the special fee for participants from developing

Design Experiences Discounts
5% (90 euro!) if you bring your own laptop
•5% if you register before
1 June 2011
•5% if you are part of a group of at least 3 participants

D E S I G N   E X P E R I E N C E S   I N   T H E   H A G U E

The Hague is known as the 'type capital' of the Netherlands, due to the reputation of the graphic design department at the Royal Academy of Art and its international master course Type&Media. The Hague has a lot more to offer besides. The city is packed full of culture, sport and nature. There are innumerable museums, theatres and festivals; you can practise (almost) any sport you can think of in The Hague; or you can go for a convivial drink in one of the cafés or relax on one of the many terraces. And The Hague has something else that no other city has: a fabulous beach! Only 15 minutes by bike or tram, and there you are with your feet in the sand.
Do you want to experience (Dutch) type design in The Hague?: info@viavide!

T Y P E   R E P U T A T I O N   O F   T H E   H A G U E

At the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, the subjects calligraphy, lettering and type design teached at the department Graphic Design distinguish this regular course from other academies, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Responsable for this reputation was Gerrit Noordzij who introduced these subjects as a important component of the departments curriculum. Noordzij was awarded for his role by establishing as well as receiving the first Gerrit Noordzij Prize in 1996 during the international ATypI conference in The Hague.
Since 1996 distinguished designers as Fred SmeijersErik SpiekermannTobias Frere-Jones and Wim Crouwel were also awarded with this Prize.

Anno Fekkes, director of VIDE, Visual & Individual Design Experience, was together with coordinator Jan Willem Stas and the staff responsable for the professionalization of the postgraduate course Type&Media, nowadays a full-time Master that gives participants the possibillity of delving deeper in type design for different media.

Type&Media graduation show

Donald Roos and Jacques Le Bailly, who are guiding the VIDE Summer Design Experience 2011, both studied graphic design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Anno Fekkes was head of that department during 11 years.

The Royal Academy of Art

   This Experience update is
   send to many professors at
   Universities and Design
   If you are a professor
   or lecturer, we would
   appreciate it if you inform
   your students about our
   summer event, especially
   those who are interested
   in graphic design, type
   design and typography.

V I D E   T Y P E   W O R K S H O P S

During 2010 and 2011 VIDE was offering several Type Workshops, once a week during 6 hours, from 14.00 until 21.00 hrs., dinner always included.
The workshops were guided by Donald Roos, several times assisted by Jacques Le Bailly. They teach professional graphic designers and students the principles of lettering and type design. The participants are able to use that knowledge and those skills in their own work.
As from September 2011 more VIDE workshops will follow. Not only in type design or typography, also in identity design and design 

for digital media as well for designers as for clients.
More info? Send us an email message:!

    T Y P O   B E R L I N   2 0 1 1 :   S H I F T

To shift is to pick up speed, to push the envelope, to change your perspective.
All three are useful strategies for TYPO Berlin 2011, the 16th International Design Conference, in order to bring visual communications in line with the latest developments in technology.

TYPO Berlin takes place from May
19th until 21st. This always interesting conference shows the important role which designers, typographers and
type libraries from Berlin plays in the field of graphic-, type design, typography and visual communications.
That's the reason why we think the Berlin Experience can be of great benefit for participants of the VIDE Summer Design Experience. An intensive week with visits to many designers and design agencies, museums, art galleries and cultural events.
Most of the former Experience participants really liked this part of the Summer Design Experience. 

Das Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Donald Roos will attend TYPO Berlin as one of the keynote speakers and will report about it in one of the following newsletters.

Experience participants in front of the
Bauhaus Archif in Berlin 

VIDE experiences in Design Experiences!

VIDE was organiser of the workshop 
'Political Campaigns', initiated by
'The Hague Design & Government 2010'

In 2009 we organised the 'The Hague Design & Government 2010' workshop 'Unity and/or diversity for Europe

In 2010 and 2011 we initiated several
Type Workshops, guided by
Donald Roos in cooperation with
Jacques Le Bailly

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The VIDE Workshop during a break