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Governor Walker Announces Fast Forward
Worker Training Grants for Health Care

On March 27th, Governor Scott Walker and Department of Workforce Development (DWD) Secretary Ray Allen announced the launch of the application period for up to $3 million in Wisconsin Fast Forward (WFF) worker training grants for health science, health care, and related occupations.
“Targeted investments in training for new and existing health care workers will develop the highly-skilled, dependable workforce Wisconsin is known for,” Governor Walker said. “Developing our workforce to deliver high-quality care throughout the state is very important as this sector continues to be a leader in Wisconsin's economy and nationally.”
In February 2017, 397,600 people were employed in health care in Wisconsin. Since December 2010, 38,900 new Wisconsin health care jobs have been created. Hospitals throughout the state employ over 107,000 individuals.
Governor Walker’s Wisconsin Fast Forward program was approved with overwhelming bipartisan support in 2013. Its mission is to train and retain highly skilled Wisconsin workers. To date, DWD has awarded more than $18 million in WFF grant contracts, supporting approximately 200 worker training projects that benefit hundreds of businesses and thousands of trainees across the state.
DWD’s Office of Skills Development (OSD) has developed an effective process that enables businesses to easily apply for grants, ensuring that unemployed trainees are hired and incumbent trainees receive a pay raise. Grant details include:
Application Deadline: May 1, 2017 at 11:59 p.m.
Individual Award Amount: $5,000 to $400,000
Grantee Match: $1 for every grant $1 requested
For more information on the application process for Fast Forward worker training grants related to health science, health care and related occupations, go to

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Governor Walker Highlights Success
of Tourism Industry at Conference

On March 13th, Governor Scott Walker spoke to around 900 tourism industry representatives in Milwaukee about the state of tourism in Wisconsin and its impact on the economy at the Governor’s Conference on Tourism.
“Wisconsin’s tourism industry plays an important role in moving Wisconsin forward, ultimately impacting job creation, workforce development, and economic growth,” Governor Walker said. “Tourism has a more than $19 billion impact on the economy in Wisconsin – that’s up 30 percent over five years. More than 190,000 jobs depend on tourism. It’s a really big deal!”
The Wisconsin Governor’s Conference on Tourism attracts innkeepers, restaurateurs, local tourism officials, attraction operators, state agency officials, tourism educators, and other representatives of the hospitality industry. The conference is Wisconsin’s largest educational and networking event for the tourism industry. For more information, click here.
At the conference, Governor Walker joined Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett in introducing new summer and fall ad campaigns by the Department of Tourism, which focuses on fun in Wisconsin. Two new summer commercials put a spotlight on traditions featuring a real family that has been vacationing in the state for decades. The fall TV spot showcases the state’s spectacular fall foliage with new drone footage. These television ads can be viewed at

This year, the state will be tapping into the St. Louis market with its summer ad campaign.
Impact of Tourism
In 2015, tourism had a $19.3 billion impact on Wisconsin’s economy, according to Tourism Economics, the research firm commissioned by the Department of Tourism. The total five-year growth of tourism activity is up more than $4.5 billion, a 30 percent increase from $14.8 billion. Tourism supports nearly 190,717 jobs throughout the state, adding more than 18,700 jobs to the state’s total employment since 2011. Visitors generated $1.5 billion in state and local revenue, thus saving taxpayers $640 per household. The 2016 tourism economic impact figures will be available in May.
According to Longwoods International, a leader in travel research, Wisconsin ranks Number 1 in the Midwest for fun, family atmosphere, uniqueness, affordability, and outdoor recreation. The Department of Tourism’s new ad campaign celebrates these qualities by showcasing family vacations, scenic locations, and iconic travel experiences.


St. Croix County and
Twin Cities Metro Area Continue to Grow

On March 23rd, the U.S. Census Bureau released its July 1, 2016 population estimates for counties and metro areas.
St. Croix County, Wisconsin has gained an estimated 3,684 residents since the 2010 population, bringing its latest total to 88,029 (+4.367% increase). This growth allowed St. Croix to rank 7th among the state’s 72 counties for numeric increase and 5th by percentage increase. St. Croix finished behind Dane County (#1 +43,198), Brown (#2 +12,394), Waukesha (#3 +8,488), Outagamie (#4 +7,831), Eau Claire (#5 +4,080), and Milwaukee (#6 +3,712) in numeric increases (2010-2016) and behind Dane (#1 +8.9%), Menominee (#2 +7.1%), Brown (#3 +5.0%), and Outagamie (#4 +4.4%) in percentage increases (2010-2016).

From July 1, 2015 to July 1, 2016 the Census Bureau estimates St. Croix gained an additional 527 new residents (+0.60% increase).
St. Croix County is included in the federal definition of the 16-county Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). The July 1, 2016 population of the Twin Cities was estimated at 3,551,036 or an increase of 202,177 residents since the 2010 Census (+6.037%).
The Twin Cities is the nation’s 16th largest metro area.
Pierce County, Wisconsin is also included in the Twin Cities MSA. Pierce added 219 new residents since the 2010 bringing its July 1, 2016 estimated population to 41,238 (+0.533%).
Wisconsin’s July 1, 2016 population was estimated at 5,778,708 compared to 5,686,986 in 2010 (+91,722 increase or +1.612%).
Thirty-nine of the state’s 72 counties lost population from 2010 to July 1, 2016, according to the Census Bureau. Manitowoc County’s population declined by 1,906 (-2.3%), Wood lost 1,642 residents (-2.3%), and Marinette lost 1,258 (-3.0%).
Eight states lost population between July 1, 2015, and July 1, 2016. Illinois lost the most, reporting a decline of 37,508 people.
The 382 metro areas in the U.S. have 277.1 million people or 86 percent of the nation’s population. Those metro areas gained 2.3 million people from July 1, 2015 to July 1, 2016 according to the Census Bureau.
Cook County, Illinois remained the second-largest county in the country, behind Los Angeles County. However, Cook lost 21,324 people from July 1, 2015 to July 1, 2016 (-0.41%) while Maricopa County, Arizona gained 81,360 (+1.95%) or 222 people per day.
Among the 10 largest metro areas in the U.S., the Chicago region was the only one that did not gain population.
Population Estimates 2010-2016
10-County Momentum West Region
County 2010 Census Estimate July 1 2016
Percentage Change
Barron 45,870  45,412 -458 -0.990%
Chippewa 62,415  63,649 +1234 +1.977%
Clark 34,690   34,557 -133 -0.383%
Dunn 43,857  44,704  +847  +1.931%
Eau Claire 98,73 102,965  +4229 +4.283%
Pepin 7,469   7,307 -162 -2.168%
Pierce 41,019 41,238     +219 +0.533%
Polk 44,205 43,481 -724 -1.637%
Rusk 14,755    14,127   -628 -4.256%
St. Croix 84,345  88,029  +3684 +4.367%

Note: The 10 counties of west central and northwest Wisconsin comprise Momentum West, an external marketing and economic development organization
Source: U.S. Census Bureau; St. Croix EDC (March 2017)


SmartAsset says St. Croix County is
#5 in Paycheck-Friendly Places in Wisconsin

St. Croix County ranks #5 among the list of most paycheck-friendly places in Wisconsin, according to information released in mid-March from SmartAsset, a financial technology company.
Nationally, St. Croix ranked 2,297 among all counties.
Pierce county ranked 15th and Polk ranked 47th among the state’s 72 counties.
According to SmartAsset, top counties were weighed based on local purchasing power, income growth, and unemployment rate.
Waukesha County ranked #1 with a paycheck friendliness index of 38.24, followed by Calumet (38.03), Ozaukee (37.90), Washington (36.10), and St. Croix (36.06).
Learn more about the Wisconsin rankings at The interactive map has topical tabs for paycheck friendliness, semi-monthly paycheck, purchasing power, unemployment rate, and income growth.
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UW-River Falls Announces
Innovation Challenge Winner

In mid-March, UW-River Falls announced VetNex as the winner of its third annual Innovation Challenge held on campus on March 2nd.  VetNex is a software that provides validated quality medical information to veterans and advocates for Nexus support to aid in VA claims processing. It is the brainchild of MBA students David and Jennifer Till.
Three teams competed for the prize of $6,000 and the chance to go on to the Wisconsin Big Idea Tournament on April 22nd with the opportunity to win up to $27,000.
The Innovation Challenge is a student competition in which undergraduate and graduate students explore the possibility of turning their business ideas into reality. Utilizing the Lean Startup Methodology, students develop their ideas into a viable business model and present them to a panel of judges made up of community and business leaders. Management and Marketing Associate Professor Marina Onken is adviser to the competition.
The other two teams competing were:  AgSpy, the idea of agricultural engineering major Nathaniel Wenner, using drones in precision agriculture to identify pests affecting plants, and Chell Co. with collaborators Kathleen Miller-Chell, a computer science major, and Katelyn Bares, a political science major. Chell Co. hopes to produce The Study Buddy, a highlighter and pen combo with inks that will fade over time, making it possible to highlight and take notes in textbooks, without having the books lose resale value.
AGS Data Systems, WiSys Technology Foundation and the Small Business Development Center at UW-River Falls sponsored this year’s Innovation Challenge.
VetNex advances to the Wisconsin Big Idea Tournament, an entrepreneurship competition open to undergraduate and graduate students attending any two- or four-year University of Wisconsin school, except UW-Madison. It teaches cutting-edge Lean Startup business development tools, provides business mentorship, and allows participants to compete at a state level for a chance to win seed funding for their idea as well as a chance to compete internationally at the 2017 International Business Model Competition (IBMC) May 11-12 in Mountain View, Calif. The IBMC hosts student competitors from universities all over the world. The top prize is $30,000.

Study Ranks Wisconsin 11th in U.S.
in Health Care System Performance

Wisconsin Public Radio reported on March 17th on Wisconsin’s 11th-place national ranking in overall health system performance. The study was released by the Commonwealth Fund. It used more than 40 measures from recent and available health data and ranked all 50 states and Washington, D.C. based on five areas, access and affordability to health care; prevention and treatment; avoidable hospital costs;  healthy living; and equity.
The study found obesity rates among adults and infant mortality rates increased in 2016, even though Wisconsin ranked 16th in the United States in the healthy living category.
Wisconsin demonstrated decreases in obesity rates among kids and instances of colorectal and breast cancer, according to the study.
Vermont is the top-ranked state overall, followed by Minnesota, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Lowest-ranked are Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Mississippi. California climbed the most in the rankings between 2013 and 2015, from 26th to 14th. Colorado, Kentucky, New York, and Washington also made big jumps. Kentucky improved on 21 scorecard indicators, more than any other state.
Read Wisconsin’s summary at

Citizens State Bank Offers Free Social Media Seminar

Citizens State Bank (CSB) is offering a free lunch and learn seminar on Tuesday, April 25 and Wednesday, April 26, 2017 to discuss the best strategies that businesses can use to maximize their time and dollars spent on social media.
Almost every business owner already uses social media in their personal lives, making it a natural to use these cost effective channels to grow sales by connecting with current and potential customers.  However, a significant percentage of businesses lack the experience or know-how to set-up and manage their brand on social media.
Caryn Butler, vice president of business operations at Triton Commerce will be the featured speaker.
CSB is offering this seminar in Menomonie and Hudson. It will be held on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at the Community Service Building, Room 54 at 3001 Highway 12 East in Menomonie and on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 from 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. in the Citizens State Bank Community Room at 375 Stageline Road in Hudson. 
A free lunch will be provided. 
Please register by calling 715.386.9050 or email Cathy VanDong at
About Citizens State Bank
Citizens State Bank has been serving businesses and individuals throughout the St. Croix Valley area for over 100 years with branches in five locations including Hudson, Roberts, Woodville, Elmwood and Menomonie.  The bank’s goal is to provide unprecedented customer service based on its core values which are integrity, customer focus, team focus and agility.  To learn more, visit

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Registration is Open for Strong Towns Workshop

The West Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission will host a series of free Strong Towns workshops on Thursday, April 20, 2017 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
The workshops feature Chuck Marohn, PE, AICP, the director of Strong Towns. The mission of Strong Towns is to support a model of development that allows America’s cities, towns and neighborhoods to become financially strong and resilient.
Something for Everyone
For local leaders: Marohn will share his knowledge about developing financially productive communities. Attendees will have the chance to speak with him about transportation, engineering, finance, or planning issues. The Strong Towns overview session is scheduled from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the corporate offices of RCU, 200 Riverfront Terrace in Eau Claire. It is followed by a walking tour of downtown Eau Claire, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.
For everyone: Marohn’s Curbside Chat is a presentation followed by a community discussion
about the financial health of our places. It is centered on the question, “Why, despite all the growth America has experienced, do our cities struggle financially just to accomplish basic
tasks?” This session runs from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the Eau Claire Public Library, 400 Eau Claire Street, in Eau Claire.
Refreshments will be provided at all events.
Registration required at


Say “Cheese
Wisconsin Products Earn Sweep at
the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest

The KI Convention Center in Green Bay hosted the 3-day, biennial U.S. Championship Cheese Contest in early March and cheesemakers from Wisconsin swept the top honors.
An Italian-style black pepper cheese from Sartori Cheese in Antigo, Wisconsin was named the top cheese in the country. First runner-up was a cheddar-style cheese, from Agropur Cheese in Weyauwega, followed by a Gouda cheese, from Marieke Gouda in Thorp as second runner-up.
The contest drew a record 2,303 cheese, yogurt and butter entries in 101 categories, according to the organizers. Products from Wisconsin earned 58 gold medals and 14 of the 20 products in the finals.
Learn more at

August Opening for River Crossing

Anticipated Opening Comes After Nearly 4.5 Years of Construction

In January, the departments of transportation in Minnesota and Wisconsin announced the St. Croix Crossing may open in in August, weather permitting.
This completes decades of discussion and studies, leading to the federally-supported stakeholder process from 2003-2006 and an exemption from the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act in March 2012.
The $600+ million project is a major infrastructure investment for the eastern Twin Cities and west central Wisconsin. It replaces the 1930s-era Stillwater Lift Bridge with a modern, four-lane bridge that connects expressways on both sides of the river. The Lift Bridge will close to vehicular traffic and transition to a recreational amenity for bicyclists and pedestrians. A multi-use trail in Wisconsin and Minnesota connects the new crossing to the Lift Bridge. A 12-foot wide pedestrian and cycling lane and scenic overlooks are additional amenities for area residents and travelers to enjoy.

Learn more at
The following photos were posted by Demulling on March 16, 2017. Mike Demulling of the New Richmond Regional Airport has been a consistent contributor of aerial photos involving the St. Croix Crossing project since test borings were conducted for the project in mid-2012.

Wisconsin bluffs (Town of St. Joseph) are in the foreground and the Sunnyside Marina in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota in the background. On- and off-ramps are visible on the Minnesota side. The St. Croix River was protected by a layer of ice in the photo (Credit: M. Demulling).

Construction progress of constructing the back wall of the east abutment, located on the Wisconsin bluff in the Town of St. Joseph. The back wall supports the soil behind the approach so that that approach roadway can be constructed. (Demulling)

The on- and off-ramps from the river crossing to Minnesota State Highway 95. (Demulling)

A sweeping view of the St. Croix Valley with Minnesota in the foreground and Wisconsin (Town of St. Joseph) in the background. The County Road E interchange is also visible further in the background. (Demulling)

The on- and off-ramps in Minnesota and the County Road E interchange in the background. (Demulling)


Swinging Bridge Brewery Opens in Downtown River Falls

Swinging Bridge Brewery is now open at 122 South Main Street in River Falls. It is owned by Dustin Dodge, and he used the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th to open (swing) the doors to the public with a grand opening.
The name is taken from the historic Swinging Bridge, located in Glen Park in River Falls.
The brewery occupies 1,400 square feet of renovated space that previously served as a bike shop. It features historic stone walls that were discovered when the ceiling and drywall were removed.
Dodge employed the Community Supported Brewery (CSB) model which sells memberships that include discounts on beer and apparel. Funds were collected up front to offset the costs of renovating and equipping the brewery. A “mug club” is another option for patrons.
A portion of the financing for Swinging Bridge came from the Regional Business Fund(, a source of gap financing in the seven county region of west central Wisconsin.
Address: ​122 S. Main St. River Falls, WI 54022
Hours: Thursday and Friday from 3:00 – 10:00 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 a.m. –11:00 p.m.
Beers: Highlands Irish Red, Cleary’s Irish Stout, 4 Winds IPA, plus a selection of six western Wisconsin breweries on guest tap.
Learn more at


Oliphant Brewing Company Highlighted in EDC’s Newsletter

(l) Trevor Wirtanen and Matt Wallace of Oliphant Brewing (r) Employees and founders receiving the Emerging Business award at the recent Business of the Year banquet.

On February 16th, Oliphant Brewing Company was honored as the 2016 Emerging Business of the Year in St. Croix County.
Please read a 2-page highlight on the company and its founders, Matt Wallace and Trevor Wirtanen here.


St. Croix County’s February Unemployment Rate at 4.6%

On March 29th, the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) announced the preliminary February 2017 unemployment rates for Wisconsin’s 72 counties and the 32 cities with populations greater than 25,000 residents. St. Croix County’s rate was estimated at 4.6%. For comparison, St. Croix’s final rate in January was 4.2% and December’s final rate was 3.7%. One year ago, the county’s unemployment rate was estimated at 4.9%.

DWD said preliminary unemployment rates for February decreased or remained the same in 71 of 72 counties when compared to February 2016. The current rates ranged from 3.1% in Dane County to 8.6% in Iron. 


WRA says February Home Sales Slip
and Prices Rise on Tight Inventories

On March 20th, the Wisconsin REALTORS® Association (WRA) released information on housing transactions for February 2017. Across the state, February home sales slipped even as prices continued to grow at well-above the rate of inflation. Home sales fell 2.6% compared to February 2016 and the median price rose 6.1 percent to $154,900 over the same time period. WRA noted the annual inflation rate stood at 2.5 percent in January, the most recent month data was available.
In St. Croix County, there were 74 transactions in February, compared to 64 sales in February 2016 (an increase of +15.6%). The median sale price for transactions in St. Croix during February was estimated at $198,500 compared to $211,250 in February 2016 (a decrease of 6.0%).
Year-to-date sales (January-February) in St. Croix were up +5.8% compared to January-February 2017 (147 transactions v. 139). The January-February 2017 median price increased +1.2% compared to January-February 2016 ($209,500 v. $207,700). Wisconsin’s year-to-date median price was estimated at $155,950, an increase of +6.1% from the January-February 2016 time period. Home sales across the state declined 0.6% for the first two months of the new year versus the same time period in 2016.
“Needless to say, February is not a month where we see a lot of home sales in Wisconsin, but we would have expected stronger sales given the strength of the economy and relative low mortgage rates,” said Erik Sjowall, WRA’s 2016-17 board chair. Sjowall placed much of the blame on tight inventories in the state. “Inventories naturally fall in the winter months, but these are the tightest February inventories seen since WRA began tracking available supply in 2009,” added Sjowall. The last two months (Jan-Feb) reflect the tightest inventory on record.
“The strong demand and limited supply have been putting significant price pressure on the existing home market,” said WRA President & CEO Michael Theo. He said the housing market shifted from a buyer’s market just over two years ago to the current strong seller’s market. There were 7.5 months of supply in February 2015 and only 4.5 months in February 2017. In Wisconsin’s metro counties the available supply was estimated at 3.4 months.
The Wisconsin Housing Affordability Index shows the portion of a median-priced home that a household with a median family income and a 20 percent down payment can afford to buy, assuming the remaining 80 percent is financed with a 30-year fix mortgage. The Index stood at “233” in February 2017, down from “251” a year ago, equating to a 7.2 percent decline in affordability.


Ross & Associates Recognized
by Behlen Building Systems

In February, Behlen Building Systems named the winners of the 2016 sales awards.  Behlen manufactures engineered metal buildings.
Ross & Associates Ltd, Construction Services of River Falls, Wisconsin received recognition for achieving $250,000 in sales volume with Behlen.
“Congratulations to Ross & Associates for another great year with Behlen,” said Mike Paulson, District Sales Manager of Behlen Building Systems. “It has been a true pleasure working with everyone at Ross and I look forward to continuing to grow our relationship!”
Ross & Associates Ltd, Construction Services has been a Behlen Builder for nearly 25 years.


Commercial/Agriculture Loan Officer
Hired at First Bank of Baldwin

First Bank of Baldwin recently announced the hiring of Mike DeLong a Commercial/Agriculture Loan Officer.  He is based out of the Baldwin office but covers a 50-mile radius from the First Banks in Baldwin, Spring Valley & Plum City.
DeLong has over 18-years of experience in the banking industry, mainly concentrating in Agriculture lending. He grew up on a dairy farm between Baldwin and Woodville and holds a BS degree in Agriculture Economics from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. 
“I am very excited about my new position with First Bank of Baldwin!” said DeLong. “I am happy to be working for a community bank that supports the farm owners and the ag community in western Wisconsin. I enjoy working with farmers and strive to help them achieve financial success.  I am looking forward to building long term customer relationships with people that need our services.”
Mike and his wife Sherry live in Woodville, Wisconsin.  She is the human resources manager at Loparex in Hammond.  They have three daughters, twins Amber and Abbie, who are freshmen at Baldwin-Woodville High School, and Sophia, a third grader at Greenfield Elementary in Baldwin.  DeLong is an active member of the Blackhawk Hockey association where he has enjoyed being a volunteer coach for several years.  He enjoys officiating High School and Youth Hockey games.
DeLong serves on the American Bankers Association Ag and Rural Bankers Committee, has served on the Wisconsin Bankers Association Ag Section, and helps out with the St Croix County Farm City Day, Dunn County Dairy Breakfast, and the St Croix County Fair.
For banking needs, Mike can be reached at (715) 688-7202 or

About First Bank of Baldwin
First Bank of Baldwin has been serving western Wisconsin since 1883 and takes pride in giving extraordinary customer service, the kind of service that knows you, your family and your individual financial needs.  Please stop in one of our four convenient locations to experience the success of a banking partner that will help you manage your finances in an exceptional manner. Learn more at

Personal Banker Hired at Citizens State Bank

Citizens State Bank (CSB) recently announced the hiring of Eddie Myers as a personal banker, who will be working out of the Hudson office.
Myers joins CSB with five years of banking experience.  He started his career as a teller for a bank in Cambridge, Minnesota and then worked for a large, national bank as a personal banker.  He made the decision to move to CSB because it is a community-oriented bank and he is looking forward to getting more involved in the Hudson community.  Myers is married, has a five year old son and is expecting a second child this summer.

2017 Youth Hiring Fair at St. Croix Central High School

On behalf of the St. Croix Valley Youth Apprenticeship Consortium, we are excited to announce the 3rd annual St. Croix Valley Youth Hiring Fair at St. Croix Central High School on April 20th from 8:30 am to 11:00 am. Whether you are looking for short-term summer employment, hiring student interns/apprentices, or want to reach high school seniors who are graduating, we have space for you. at no cost, to showcase your business and jobs you are hiring for!
The school districts in our consortium include St. Croix Central, New Richmond, and Hudson school districts. However, we have opened it to the CESA 11 school districts as well which include students from Somerset, River Falls, Baldwin Woodville, and Polk County school districts. Students grades 9 through 12 are all welcome to attend. Students from some area schools have arranged bus transportation for students to attend. 
We have decided that we will not be charging for this fair this year. However, if you have some giveaways for students to win that would be greatly appreciated.  
We ask that employers arrive by 7:45 am. We will have a brief overview of the day starting at 8:15. Homemade cinnamon rolls, fruit, coffee, and juice will be available for you right away in the morning.
Once you register, more details will follow. Come showcase your company even if you don’t have positions to hire for. Follow us on Facebook at: St. Croix Valley Youth Apprenticeship. Each registered business will be showcased. There is also a file that students can access to see information about your business as well as all positions you may be hiring for or additional recruiting information you would like to share. 

If interested in showcasing your business, please visit STUDENT HIRING FAIR REGISTRATION.
Please be as detailed as possible as we will be sharing your information with students, teachers, and parents. And please feel free to share this information with any other companies who may be interested!
FOr more info, contact Melisa Hansen, Hudson Schools,, or Liz Pizzi, Workforce Resource,

Thank you!
The St. Croix Valley Youth Apprenticeship Consortium Steering Committee

President’s Column: ‘What was your First Job?’

Agnes Ring penned her president’s column in the winter issue of St. Croix EDC’s Chronicle newsletter. She asked the question, ‘What was your first job?’ She reflected back on first job at the Hammond Hotel in Hammond, Wisconsin. Other members of the EDC board weighed in on their first jobs.
Read the column on the EDC website here.


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