Welcome to Linz 2013! 

Welcome to the 2nd ASSITEJ International Meeting with the motto FACING THE ARTIST held in conjunction with the International Theatre Festival SCHÄXPIR. We are inviting you to join us in Linz from 21st June to 29th June 2013 for a stimulating artistic exchange.

Of course we are inviting official representatives of ASSITEJ as well as practitioners and researchers from around the globe to take part in the meeting. The official letter of invitation form ASSITEJ can be viewed here. It will also be delivered to ASSITEJ centers by the general secretariat.

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Before we launch the official website, we would like to inform you about a few of the exciting focus points of FACING THE ARTIST, the biggest annual gathering of practitioners and researchers within the field of theatre for young audiences. For the NEXT GENERATION project we have been looking for 25 emerging artists from all over the world to share their experiences during the festival. Also, we are keen to find playwrights from all continents to write and present 500 word plays that speak to the topic of the meeting. Furthermore during the International Meeting, we will be looking at German speaking and international musictheatre and join the conversation with international researchers from ITYARN. These are just a few of the key aspects of FACING THE ARTIST!

In Linz, ASSITEJ's NEXT GENERATION project will continue! Over the last weeks ASSITEJ Austria and SCHÄXPIR have been receiving over 80 applications (!) from young and emerging artists from 35 countries (!) to become part of the NEXT GENERATION program. 25 emerging artists will be experiencing 9 days full of symposia, discussions and masterclasses as well as the performances of SCHÄXPIR.  Artists from the field of TYA  will be exchanging experiences, watching performances and attending masterclasses together. We will be announcing the participants shortly.

Write Local Play Global - Playreadings
In co-operation with Write Local Play Global (WLPG) we will be looking for playwrights from around the world to write short 500 word plays inspired by the topic of the meeting.  The plays will be presented in front of an audience during the meeting. The official call-out will be send out soon through this mailing list.

Along with the ASSITEJ centers from Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg ASSITEJ Austria will be presenting a two-day symposium about contemporary musictheatre in the German speaking countries. Artists and practitioners from the field will talk about their shows and theater houses. Experts from all 5 countries will be discussing topics such as music- and theatre pedagogy and artistic ambitions vs. audience development. 

ITYARN research panels
As part of the International Meeting we are inviting ITYARN, the International Theater for Young Audiences research Network to facilitate a research panel with scholars and critics from around the globe. Topics will be: new developments in TYA: tradtion vs. innovation, cultural notions of excellence and autonomy of the arts.  

From 20th June to 30th June 2013 SCHÄXPIR goes into its seventh round. In 2013 around forty theater and dance productions from Austria and abroad will be presented in the same familiar high quality. Over the course of eleven days, SCHÄXPIR disseminates the pleasure and passion of theater on the stages of Linz and also in locations more accessible to children and young people further away from the large, familiar locations in the state capital. In 2013 SCHÄXPIR again offers a multifaceted, extensive program, which includes enticing premieres and the popular framework program.

"Facing the Artists" - 21st-29th June 2013 in Linz

From 21th-29th June 2013 ASSITEJ Austria in conjunction with the International Theatre Festival SCHÄXPIR invites artists from around the world to Linz to become part of the International Meeting!

With the working topic FACING THE ARTIST seminars, discussions and workshops are dedicated to different aspects and topics such as music- and dancetheatreIn collaboration with artists and researchers from all over the world, the meeting will emphasize some of the essential questions: In which categories do today’s artists think and work? Between didactic and pedagogic claims, entertainment and “spectacularisation” – where do the artistic perspectives lie? All these questions will stir up controversy and open up diverse perspectives to talk about theater as art. FACING THE ARTIST will be an artistic gathering for people in theatre for children and young people from all over the world to meet, interact, and develop new creative opportunities.

Learn more about the focus points of the meeting and get to know more details about the schedule in the next newsletter.

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