Everything has to come to an end, sometime.“  ― L. Frank Baum
May 9, 2016

Final Newsletter of the Semester!
Congratulations Class of 2016! Have a great summer!
Photo courtesy of: Alexis Glenn/Creative Services

What's Happening This Week?
Grad Fest Toast
Friday, May 13th @ 5:00PM
North Plaza
All spring and summer graduates of the Class of 2016 and their family and guests are invited to the annual toast on the North Plaza. This event costs $5 for graduates and $8 for guests (limit of 4 guests).  Click here to learn more.

2016 Commencement
Saturday, May 14th @ 9:00AM
EagleBank Arena
Congratulations to all 2016 graduates and welcome to friends and family! Click here to learn more.
MCN Video Live Stream Schedule:

• Men's Baseball vs. LaSalle
   Friday, May 13th @ 3:00PM

•Men's Baseball vs. LaSalle
   Saturday, May 14th @ 2:00PM

• Men's Baseball vs. LaSalle
   Sunday, May 15th @ 1:00PM


Hot Off the Presses!
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End of the Year Survey
All Student Media staff and volunteers must take this survey before the end of the academic school year.

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Content Spotlight
Hispanic Culture Review

Enjoy this sneak peek from the upcoming edition of Hispanic Culture Review:
Juan Manuel García Páez   |   El Alto   |   Bolivia
Alessandra De Brito   |   The Stranger
Often in the shadows of his own land
In such a short time can not translate or understand
The world is changing gradually
And the stranger trying to keep their belief
He reaches the unknown
Welcome to the new world
Jungle, dazzling lights and spotlights
The wonder of a new world
The charm of achievement
However, the beginning of a new path
Walk by shifting soils people intoxicating
Towards the ecstasy of a new emotion
 The adventure of the unfortunate
Solo distant and dim
Leading to dazzle
Your search for welcoming
Looking at each relative comfort recognition
You try to remember how to pronounce his name originally
He seeks knowledge or he finds it?
The stranger learning and notes
That along its path it undertakes
Among the letter, the scholar is one who seeks and comprising
The knowledge to life as proof of evolution
The sense of its own revolution.
Ariel Adler   |   Las sillas   |   Argentina

HCR Volume XXII Coming Soon!

In Case You Missed It
Journal Jam 2016
This past Thursday, Volition and The George Mason Review co-hosted Journal Jam, a new event celebrating the long history of literary journals at Mason. Both publication's editors, staff, contributors, and readers gathered for an evening of networking, awards, refreshments, live music, and fun.

The George Mason Review is currently celebrating 25 years of academic excellence as Mason's undergraduate research journal, publishing exemplary writing across the curriculum. Volition is celebrating 20 years of showcasing student creativity and the campus arts scene as Mason's official undergraduate literary and arts journal.

Student Media would like to congratulate both publications on their respective milestones and is honored to support talented students who are on the cutting edge of creativity and research at Mason.

Pick up your copy of the latest edition of Volition and The George Mason Review today!
The Sink Boys (Derrick Lofton, Jimmy Hendrick, and Brian Gianelos) provide the evening with an improvisational jazz atmosphere, playing onstage for the entire event. Foreground: Volition and The George Mason Review "mini libraries" display past editions from their combined 45 years of publishing at Mason.
Editors-in-Chief Ana Carolina Machado Silva and Addie Nguyen welcome students to Journal Jam and discuss how to get involved with their journals.
Attendees enjoy refreshments and live music in the Johnson Center Bistro.
Photos by: Amy Rose

Thank you to everyone involved!

Special thank you to the following for their help making Journal Jam a reality:

Lottye Lockhart, Ana Carolina Machado Silva, Addie Nguyen, Derrick Lofton, Jimmy Hendrick, Brian Gianelos, Leslie Steiger, David Carroll, Rodger Smith, and Kathryn Mangus.
Financial Planner Workshop
Student Media recently welcomed financial planner Tom Block to conduct a professional development workshop that focused on smart financial advice for college students.

A complement to University Career Services'
Raechel Timbers' recent seminar on CashCourse, Tom's presentation gave students practical advice and tips on how to manage their money and plan for the future. Here are 5 pieces of advice that Tom gave our students:

1. Budget on your own.
2. Save for the future.
3. Manage debt and credit wisely.
4. Don't buy anything you can't afford.
5. Get insured.
End of Year Reminders
Assistant Director Leslie Steiger would like to remind all Student Media staff and volunteers of the follwing end of year procedures:
  1. Any employee that completes timesheets via PatriotWeb must see Leslie on their last day of work to complete a Separation Checklist.
  2. Anyone issued a physical key to access their office/space must return their key to Leslie by their last day of work or May 13th, whichever comes first.
  3. If you need card swipe access to the Student Media office over the summer please see Leslie as soon as possible.
Summer Employment Opportunity:
The role of the Communication Intern is to recruit new students to join Student Media, assist with summer office projects and initiatives, maintain and increase social media presence, and provide support for the upcoming Fall semester. The Communication Intern provides excellent customer service to students, visitors, and advertisers using social media, email marketing, and community outreach events. Please see Leslie to apply.

UPDATE: This position is now open to all students, not just those with work-study.
Window of Opportunity
Paid Summer Employment Opportunity:
The Fund for the Public Interest is a national non-profit organization that works to build support for progressive organizations across the country. This summer, we are running an office in Washington, DC to build support for Environment Virginia's campaign to save the bees. Millions of bees are dying off every year, putting our ecosystem and food supply at risk. One of the major reasons is a relatively new type of pesticides called neonicotinoids, or "neonics," which are about 6000 times more toxic to bees than DDT. Scientists, farmers and beekeepers have sounded the alarm, and now Environment Virginia is running a campaign to educate the public and build public support in order to get the EPA to ban these dangerous chemicals. This is your chance to spend your summer working for a great cause, while gaining valuable campaign leadership experience and making on average between $10-15/hour.

Click here to fill out the form, set up an interview, and learn more about the available positions.
On behalf of everyone at Student Media,
we would like to extend our wishes for the happiest of birthdays to:

Kathryn O'Connell, George Mason Review, on May 15th

Summer 2016 Birthdays:
Henry Munoz, MCN, on May 16th
Ky'Lend Adams, MCN, on May 16th
Julia Kauffman, MCN, on May 17th
Grant Silvestri, WGMU, on May 17th
Ashley Hill, MCN, on May 21st
Brandon Langford, MCN, on May 22nd
Charlton Jubeark, WGMU, on May 25th
Rahma Maccarone, HCR, on May 28th
Daniel Walters, WGMU, on June 6th
Alina Moody, GMR, on June 10th
Christine Spillson, STS, on June 11th
Amro Tashman, WGMU, on June 16th
Mustafa Almusawi, WGMU, on June 21st
Tori Harvey, MCN, on June 24th
Tom Shaw, Outlier, on July 3rd
Keshawna Veney, WGMU, on July 5th
Ocie Grimsley, WGMU, on July 7th
Courtney Woodard, GMR, on July 8th
Ava Morton, MCN, on July 9th
Salvatore Pitino, Comm. Team, on July 12th
Sarah Stewart, MCN, on July 15th
Alexa Rogers, Fourth Estate, on July 17th
Tiffany Lin, Fourth Estate, on July 21st
Catherine Amin, SPJ, on July 23rd
Avril Ramirez, MCN, on July 25th
Joseph Frommelt, Fourth Estate, on July 28th
Beth Jannery, SPJ Advisor, on Aug 2nd
Andrew Gholson, Fourth Estate, on Aug 6th
Yuin Waugh, MCN, on Aug 6th
Bianca Spinosa, STS, on Aug 6th
Basma Humadi, Fourth Estate, on Aug 7th
Savannah Norton, Fourth Estate, on Aug 11th
Damaruka Priya Ulla, MCN, on Aug 16th
Benjamin Brezner, STS, on Aug 17th
Melanie Tague, STS, on Aug 22nd
Nathaniel Eom, Volition, on Aug 24th
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