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Wild Things welcomes Tiny Guy the 1st 2011 baby!

Tiny Guy arrived at Wild Things a month ago. There were still two feet of snow on the ground in Ithaca and usually babies are not born in February/March, so when I got a call about a baby, I was surprised...until I found out he was found in North Carolina!

It is illegal to transport wildlife across states, but Tiny Guy's finders didn't know that. They found his tiny pink struggling body beside the road and didn't even know what kind of animal he was; at that age baby grey squirrels look more like alien babies! They waited to see if a mother would come to retrieve him. When no mother arrived, they picked him up and drove him home to New York State.

Why was Ting Guy all alone out of his nest? Did his mother drop him while moving nests? That is unlikely as she wouldn’t have come back for him. Was he grabbed by a bird for a snack and then dropped? He was too small to have left the nest by himself, so it is a mystery.

This picture was taken soon after Tiny Guy arrived at Wild Things. He is about 7-10 days old in this picture.  It was amazing how strong and energetic he was after such a dramatic 1st week of life! He had some lung congestion which was treated with antibiotics, and other than that he is now well on his way to becoming a Big Tiny Guy!

The below picture was taken last week. He is about 4 weeks old now and just opened his eyes. See how big he has become!
Hopefully I will be able to find him a companion soon, and I need to figure out how to release him. He may be too small for the NY winters and to stand up to big NY squirrels, but to send him back to NC I need to get approval from the rehab authorities. He is slowly starting to eat sold food, but will be on formula for about another two months. Stay tuned for more of his story!


Wild Things' thank yous!

Thank you to the folks at Mindshare LA for hosting such a great event and getting the Wild Things word out!

And thank you to The Ithaca Mall and everyone who helped to make the Ithaca Bake Sale such a success!

Wild Things is also very appreciative to all of the volunteers who helped out in March.

Spring Tip:
At this time of year, animals are on the move! Many are coming out of hibernation and are desperate to find food. Others are migrating to their summer homes. All of them are looking for mates. More animals are crossing roads in the spring. Take extra care when driving and remember that animals may freeze when approached by a big "monster" (a car!), so don't expect them to move out of the way. Being alert and mindful when driving can save hundreds of wild lives!
Stella Bella says THANK YOU!

Creating a Peaceable Kingdom in the Finger Lakes

Sunday, April 17,2:30-4:30pm
Woman's Community Building
100 W. Seneca Street, Ithaca NY

Come hear about Wild Things Sanctuary and other Ithaca area groups making a difference for animals. This event is presented as a companion event to the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival’s screening of
Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home

Thursday, April 14, 7-9pm
by Tribe of Heart

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Mission Statement
Wild Things Sanctuary (WTS) is dedicated to helping native wildlife through rescuing and rehabilitating debilitated and orphaned/displaced animals until they are ready for release back into the wild. Eventually, WTS is also aiming to provide a sanctuary for non-releasable native animals.

WTS is also committed to improving the well-being of wildlife through public education; focusing on how humans can sagely and peacefully coexist with native wildlife, and on wildlife’s importance to man and the environment.


Thank you for giving me a second chance!

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