An November reminder of what Wild Things Sanctuary wildlife heroes have achieved, lives they've saved, and dreams they dream!
What are you Grateful For?
Sister Opossums share a drink!
Opossum siblings share a drink
     Thanksgiving is a great time to think of all the things for which we are grateful. I don't know how much opossums think about gratitude, but these two siblings (brother & sister in the picture above) and their sister seemed happy to be at Wild Things and happiness is close to gratitude. These siblings were tiny when their mother was hit by a car and killed. They survived safe in her pouch. A good samaritan checked the mother's pouch and found these three babies, only about the size of a thumb, and brought them to Wild Things.

     The babies did really well and after a few months were big, chubby and ready to be released. Whenever possible at Wild Things we like to "soft release" young animals. This means that on a chosen day we open the cage and let the young animals decided when they want to leave. Food is left in the cage for them so that they can come and go until they are ready to support themselves all on their own. We like to do this as most of the young animals do not have the benefit of growing up with their parents who often teach them to hunt and where local resources, like food & water, may be found. A soft release gives them a chance to find their way in the wild with a bit of extra support. The first night the opossum cage was left open one left, but the other two stayed for over a week before they decided they were ready to go live in the Wild Woods! Eventually they all moved into the nearby woods, but they seem to have stayed close by. On a few evenings I've seen them gathering balls of leaves in their tails and carrying them to their secret homes in the woods for bedding. Hopefully by now they've built nice cozy winter dens for themselves and will come back from time to time to say hello!

     The rest of us at Wild Things are so very grateful to have such great supporters, volunteers, friends and vets. You have supported us through another busy year and we are very, very grateful for all of your support!

Ithaca Alternative Gift Fair!

     Ithaca has one of the biggest Alternative Gift Fairs in the country. But what is an alternative gift fair? It's a fair where local non-profits offer great gifts that support their causes. Every year about 60 local non profits take part and the fair provides critical support for this diverse collection of community organizations whose work has local, national, and international reach.
     Why not bypass the annual stress of holiday shopping and “stuff accumulation" AND honor friends and relatives with alternative gifts that support great causes!

11am 'til 6pm
Downtown Ithaca on Dewitt Park at
The First Presbyterian Church &
The First Baptist Church

     If you can't attend you can also shop online. Click here for more information.

The 2012 Wild Things' gifts are:
   $5: Help keep an animal happy and healthy by giving an enrichment toy to an orphaned or lonely wild animal!
   $10: Help a raccoon, skunk or bat stay healthy! Provide a rabies vaccination for an animal prone to this deadly virus.
   $15: This gift helps a baby squirrel receive everything it needs to grow up healthy and be released back into the wild.
   $20: This gift helps a fawn receive everything it needs to grow up healthy and be released back into the wild.

     You can also find more Wild Things gifts on our website, by clicking here.

Mission Statement

Wild Things Sanctuary (WTS) is dedicated to helping native wildlife through rescuing and rehabilitating debilitated and orphaned/displaced animals until they are ready for release back into the wild. Eventually, WTS is also aiming to provide a sanctuary for non-releasable native animals.

WTS is also committed to improving the well-being of wildlife though public education; focusing on how humans can safely and peacefully coexist with native wildlife, and on wildlife’s importance to man and the environment.

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Learn all about wildlife rehabilitation; a great book for children!
Read all about Wild Things & what we do in this new book!

Wild Things Sanctuary was happy to collaborate with author Jennifer Keats Curits and other wildlife rehabilitators to create
Animal Helpers: Wildlife Rehabililtators.

This photographic journal takes readers "behind the scenes" at four different wildlife rehabilitation centers including Wild Things Sanctuary! There is also a "For Creative Minds" educational section in the back of the book.

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An unsuspecting tree frog
Wildlife Tip!

Autumn is a great time to make home repairs to ensure animals can't get into your home. Babies have grown up and there is less of a risk of separating mothers from their young.
It's also a time when many folks clean up their yards.

If you happen to find an animal during repairs or yard clean up, carefully relocate the animal to a safe place. If it's already cold, get in touch with a local rehabilitator or another wildlife authority to ask for advice on what to do.

In the case of this little tree frog who got raked up during autumn leaf raking, he was safely able to be relocated to another pile of leaves nearby.

Check out Wild Things Sanctuary's "Living with Wildlife" page for more information.
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