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Which social media is right for my brand?

Choosing social media

By Louis Eksteen

The range of social media options is increasing at pace. Brands need to constantly evaluate new platforms to figure out if their consumers expect them to be there. But with a dizzying array of options, which social media will give the most uplift?

I believe there is no right answer to fit all brands. The question should really be in two parts:

  • Which social media are right for me and my brand?
  • Which social media are used by my target consumers?

In other words I believe there is, firstly, a place for doing something really great on your own terms on your own chosen platform. This means not blindly following consumers to the platforms they’re already on, but doing something amazing and true to yourself. The consumers that find you there will be rewarded with excellent content and engagement. Then you can look at what potential and real customers are doing on social media.

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It's a matter of heritage

September we looked forward to celebrating Heritage Day, with a braai-day. It also marked Spring Equinox and the imminent arrival of summer! Getting back from the Loeries in Cape Town, it also offered us a welcome respite before returning back to work on Wednesday.

It struck me this year that Heritage Day has definitely gained momentum as a truly proudly South African moment, and the symbolic “braai” has become a tradition uniting us. It felt good!

It also got me thinking about heritage and roots. Before Twisted Toast we spent 20+ years in publishing magazines, which definitely helped shape how we do business at The Toast. Relationships forged over many years continue and have taken on new forms as we move Twisted Toast from a “start-up” to an established business.

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On the Flipside
Rob Smuts created RMS Media 20 years ago. To celebrate, a new website created by The Toast recently went live for this vibrant agency of media specialists. Here's to 20 more years :)
The Bottom Line
During the recent Creative Week at the Loeries in the Mother City, The Toasters took time off at the Brass Bell to celebrate with whale watching, good food and good friends. From left to right: Louis Eksteen, Athol Moult, Di Botha, Erik Verster and Kim Browne.
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