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How LinkedIn listing affects you

The recent public listing of professional (or work-related) social network LinkedIn has highlighted two important current trends in digital communication. The first is that LinkedIn has grown up. No longer only used for recruitment and to publicise your CV amongst a chosen network of professional acquaintances, it now offers more sophisticated engagement tools and advertising opportunities for businesses.

Secondly, it could herald the start of the new internet or dotcom bubble. The insane share price levels after the company’s public listing indicates a huge appetite for investors to buy into social networking offerings, something they cannot do with Facebook as it remains a private company.

LinkedIn is important as a business tool because it emphasises a clear differentiation between one’s personal (Facebook) life and work (LinkedIn) life. It’s interesting to note how one’s Facebook friend profile and LinkedIn connections group differ.
At Twisted Toast we advocate using both LinkedIn and Facebook for brand content and social media advertising. We reckon that, if a client’s target market includes working people in careers, these people either are connected on LinkedIn already, or soon will be. This means that an early, active start in LinkedIn will pay connections growth dividends for companies down the line.
Currently some of the strong growth in total LinkedIn connections seems to be driven by businesses utilising the network in similar, but more focused ways to Facebook Pages and advertising.
The more serious, business-like nature of LinkedIn also allows personal social validation that relates to self-actualisation needs. The way in which one's profile highlights your work and educational history strokes the ego and provides useful information about what you can do for others on the business front. This social mind set can be effectively used for brand persuasion.

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Twisted Toast a member of the DMMA!

We're pleased to announce we're officially members of the Digital Media and Marketing Association (DMMA). The DMMA is an independent non-profit association focused on growing and sustaining a vibrant and profitable digital industry in SA. We're looking forward to networking and engaging other players in this exciting space!
Twisted Toast founders in their new office

The making of a toast-worthy office!

Having moved into their new office on the 3rd of May, the Toasters set about refurbishing their office. Check out our awesome time-lapse video, writeup and gallery of how we knocked down drywall, painted, stripped carpet, inhaled glue fumes, engaged in retail therapy and generally made our new space our very own!  
Kim Browne, CEO

Musings from Kim, our CEO

Day 1, month 2 of our existence, everything feels so different in the professional office in Woodmead. We have to pinch ourselves to realise this adventure is really happening. Not that there’s much time for reflection, as we have our first client meeting on the first day back after Easter.
The office telephone rings and we have to remember to answer it using our name -- a bit of a tongue twister at the best of times! Interest is building and we get quite a few unsolicited requests for meetings. Our shared diary starts to fill up...

By the end of week one, our first CEs are signed. We’re officially in business!
Week 2 is punctuated with visits from our insurance broker, who scares us to death and our efficient bookkeeper, who compliments our “books”.
Initial designs and wireframes done for client 1 in week 3 ensure progress is on track, but a fast turnaround job for client 2 (ABL print job) keeps us on our toes. New York approval for our first print ad? Check! We also manage to quote for a CID job for prospective client 3 and get invited to pitch against 4 prominent digital agencies We accept the challenge!

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