A toast to new beginnings
JUNE 2016


Dealing with Dropbox


At The Toast we use Dropbox all the time. It’s an amazing feat of tech wizardry in the connected age that lets you save, share and retrieve any file anywhere. Its sync feature that can seamlessly keep your local computer files up to date with your cloud (internet) files is what the company is most well known for. This feature is what made Dropbox as famous as what it is, with more than 400 million worldwide users.

But what if your Dropbox (internet) storage is way more than the capacity of your local computer? Even if your local computer features a 1 TB solid state drive, you will eventually run out of space. (It’s surprising how quickly this happens.) Without enough space you will not be able to sync everything anymore and your storage-sync-life quickly becomes an endless nightmare of selecting and deselecting files to delete and/or not sync, or sync. Not cool.

To cope, we’ve become used to switching all local computer synching off to only use Dropbox.com. But this browser-based way of using the service online really serves only to defeat the object of Dropbox sync in the first place.



A toast to new beginnings


I can’t believe we’re already five months into the year and winter isn’t coming... it’s already here! Five years in, we remain busier than ever and have really not had time to catch our breath. The month that’s been was a life-changing one for me personally, as just a few weeks ago David and I were involved in a horror car accident when a truck lost its breaks and rolled back into us. We are lucky to be alive. How we escaped with no injuries was truly a miracle – but the car we were in was written-off!

When something like this happens to a person, I believe it alters you forever. You can’t go back to who you were before. My overwhelming feeling after literally being hit by a truck full of bricks is one of extreme gratitude. I am happy with my life, love my family, enjoy my work and am reminded of just how wonderful people can be. The police, ER services, my dearest family and friends, colleagues, super-special clients and even total strangers who witnessed the accident were just incredible. The post traumatic accident flashbacks have subsided, but I will never willingly drive behind a concrete-brick-bearing truck again if there’s an alternative lane!



Record traffic to Mall of Africa

At The Toast the end of April 2016 was a hectic time in many respects. The websites we manage on behalf of Atterbury Property and Waterfall City experienced unprecedented activity and traffic due to the opening of Mall of Africa. These sites and associated social media platforms were just as busy as the mall itself!


VarsGeBek is a new competition launched by VivA (Virtual Institute for Afrikaans) to promote the creation of new Afrikaans words. Another goal is to stimulate the making of interesting visual imagery for Afrikaans idioms. The Toast assisted VivA with a fresh identity and website design.

VivA Afrikaans annual report

When VivA needed an annual report, they knew who to call!

Dries Visser Pure-Bred Game Auction

The Dries Visser Pure-Bred Game Auction takes place at Wildswinkel, Bela-Bela on 24 February 2017. The Toasters are already helping Oom Dries and his team with marketing support to ensure success.


Baby, it’s cold outside

The June Solstice is celebrated in many places across the globe and by different cultures. At Twisted Toast we don our PJs and slippers to work and try not schedule too many client meetings! The June Solstice is also the only day of the year when the Arctic Circle experiences a continuous period of daylight for 24 hours. However, due to atmospheric refraction, the Midnight Sun is visible for a few days before the June Solstice from areas up to 100 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle.
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