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Content marketing traction

By Louis Eksteen

It had to happen sometime. Now 2012 is shaping up to herald the wide-spread adoption of brand content marketing in the minds, if not yet the hearts of marketing pros everywhere. Last year brand content was around, but not front of mind. Now agencies of all sorts are falling over themselves to call what they produce "content". 

The Coca-Cola Company’s Content 2020 videos posted to YouTube about seven months ago might have something to do with it. (If you haven’t seen it yet, the two episodes (1/2) are worth watching throughout. In it Jonathan Mildenhall, vice-president, global advertising strategy and creative excellence at Coca-Cola gives a fabulous explanation of innovative strategy, delivered in a straightforward and engaging way. Just like great content should.)

What is interesting to note about the players jockeying for position in the new brand content marketing world is that traditional advertising types are clinging to campaign-based content work focused on digital video online, while editorial (intellectual) brand content practitioners favour magazine-type brand content that mixes valuable written stuff with video across platforms, including print. (The content marketing industry has its roots in customer magazines.)

This means “content” from a marketing perspective can really be divided into what we’re calling “advertising content” and “editorial content”. Both have its place, but should not be confused. (Also, whatever brand content type is created, it's in addition to other marketing communication disciplines, not instead of these activities.)

Most traditional advertising practitioners, including media agencies (that, essentially, exclusively plan and place media and do not participate in the real creation of either advertising or editorial content) currently still view brand content marketing as only relating to advertising content. One reason could be that they can understand a “campaign”, because it’s like advertising. Create something specific, distribute it, end. Roll out the next campaign, placed in external media only. (No real place for owned media then.)

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CTP printers

CTP Printers brochures

In one of our most ambitious projects yet Twisted Toast produced a series of brochures highlighting CTP Printers' state-of-the-art printing presses. Check out the story in our Porfolio section.

myPSGKonsult campaign

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Kim Browne, CEO

Musings from Kim, our CEO

Spreading the love!

The month of love got off to a good start with TTD adding client number 12 to its growing list. Eleven months into the business (can’t believe it’s gone by so quickly), we have never had such a slow yet hectically busy month. Let me explain.

Things were kind of slow in December/January, with budgets being finalised, end of fiscal drag and probably a bit of post holiday blues. We decided rather than sit around, waiting for the business to magically roll in, we needed to go into pitch overdrive. And pitch we did … a lot. And as we all know, nothing comes easy in this world. It takes time and hard graft. As a fledgling agency, we’re still investing in laying down a solid foundation.

We’ve spent a lot of time agonising over the right solution to offer prospective clients and truth be told put a lot of energy, passion and hard work into ensuring the work we go out with passes our rigorous internal standards. We aim to surprise, excite and over-deliver. Practically, this means we often re-do things before our work even gets to a client to ensure we’re never just “good enough”.

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