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Living in a digital city



One of the advantages of working at a hybrid marketing agency such as ours is the large variety of client businesses we have the privilege of getting to know. One day we’re herding Cats®, the next, we’re meeting orphaned baby rhinos in Kimberley. If we’re not launching a new robo-advice system, we’re creating a series of 44 print magazine ads. And we’re loving doing native Twitter advertising campaigns at the moment. It’s a heady time at The Toast.

A digitally interesting client we work with is Waterfall City, truly Gauteng’s new CBD and a real digital city in the making. To ensure the area is future-fit, large-scale fibre connectivity comes with the package in this fast-growing development.

The area features some of the most exciting architecture currently being built. Large-scale new road infrastructure connects all the different parts of Waterfall City in a logical manner. Then there is Mall of Africa that forms the main shopping experience for office workers and residents in the larger Waterfall area.

What makes Waterfall City interesting is that the area has been planned for a digital lifestyle. Watching television with a satellite dish attached to your house seems so last year when you can stream an endless array of quality shows and movies via a high-speed fibre network...



It’s all in the stars



Today has definitely been the coldest day of our winter so far, so it’s quite ironic that we’re celebrating a month to go to spring with Nando’s and ice-cream @ The Toast. We may not be able to control the weather, but we can make the most of it ☺

Anybody who knows us will agree that we do like to pack it in and push the limits. It’s just who we are. So there’s been no hibernating around here. In fact most days it feels that there is no time for much of anything else besides keeping our clients happy. Fast turn-around time is part of our business DNA.

I’ve stopped trying to plan everything down to the last detail and find I’m going with the flow a lot more. In our business plans change daily anyway, so what’s the point of being completely anal about them? For someone as OC as me, it’s not easy letting go – but I’m trying. There’ll always be a plan and at least one back-up plan in the background (it’s still my security blanket) – I’ve just made peace with the fact that it’s not a train smash when things go a little awry. In fact it can be refreshing or lead you on a whole new path of discovery. It helps to have excellent resources to call on and we have a team called Magic ☺



We see it as a real privilege to create a brand identity for a new company, so when 3M3A tasked us with creating an identity for their new business we were thrilled. 3M3A is a global partnership formed to support and manage TV, radio and online audience measurement with wide experience in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The company name, 3M3A, reflects its six core competencies; Media, Measurement, Management, Audiences, Audit and Analysis. It operates from London, Johannesburg, Dubai and Oslo.


The Flying Toasters were out in full force at this year’s 702 Walk the Talk. Our mascot Frankie dressed the part and was a smash hit with everyone he met along the way. Frankie and Sammy were true stars, walking  three kms to and from the start and doing the  five km race with other four-legged friends. The humans had a lot of fun on the day too!


We love it when our clients come back for more! We created our fifth website for the Chartered Wealth Solutions family, earlier this month, for Chartered Employee Benefits. Check it out at charteredeb.co.za


Website creation is our bread and butter and it’s against business policy to have a favourite. Suffice it to say that we had an incredible amount of fun building the new Atterbury Theatre website, made all the better with the incredible uptake by consumers. In just a week it became the biggest website that we manage! Now that’s something to make a song and dance of ☺


The Waterfall City website has been incredibly popular since launching two months ago. A sign of a hard-working website is one that is never truly “finished” and in this spirit, this showcase website now includes a live feed from four strategically postioned cameras at Waterfall City. Check out the real time construction now. It’s amazing what you can do with technology!


Ever wondered where the saying once in a blue moon comes from? The most widely accepted definition of a blue moon is that it is when there are two full moons in a calendar month (which is kind of rare). Tonight will be such an occasion, with us having had a full moon on the 2nd and then again on 31st July. This month is also 46 years since the first men walked on the moon, unless you believe in conspiracy theories… Read more here
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