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Is virtual reality marketing around the corner?

By Louis Eksteen

It seems as if not a week goes by without a billion dollar, seemingly groundbreaking purchase by Facebook. Instagram at $1b seemed a steep price to pay for a company not making any money itself. Then, recently, came the $19b pay cheque for WhatsApp, without the company earning any money itself.

Now Zuck has bought virtual reality company Oculus for $2b, without the company having produced a purchasable product yet.

But as outrageous as the latest Facebook purchase may sound, I'm calling an uplift in virtual reality marketing. Who knows how long it will take, but I agree with Zuckerberg that virtual reality (and therefore virtual reality marketing), can become commonplace in as little as five to ten years' time.

Not so long ago many pooh-poohed the retro feel of 3D. But with Gravity's awesome effects, if you did not see this movie in spectacular 3D, you really missed out.

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When things go wrong

By Kim Browne

It's funny how, when things go wrong, they do so in threes. Now, I'm not a superstitious type — we launched Twisted Toast Digital on the 1st of April, have regular Friday the 13th parties and I really like black cats — but there's definitely something in this "things come in threes" theory.

As with everything in life, there are always learnings. The interesting thing for me is not necessarily that bad things happen, but how they're handled.

I have three stories, starting with my car, which is out of maintenance (ouch!) Having driven my car for six years, I noticed that intermittently, it would randomly lose power. A hard one to explain, until my husband David drove the car and experienced the same thing. He took it in to the dealer we've used forever and they gave us bad news. Very bad news. It was going to cost a fortune to fix.

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On the Flipside
Twisted Toast Digital welcomes our newest client Dries Visser. We will be providing a range of hybrid marketing services to one of SA's distinguished game breeders, including magazine advertising, website design and branding. Welcome oom Dries.
The Bottom Line
The RS Components team was brave enough to participate in a Warrior Race series. For those who don’t know; it's an off-road trail run with lots of big, muddy and wet obstacles. Fun was had by all!
Celebrating Irish Xmas in July
A regular at The Toast, Sean Bell tasked us with creating a fun beer label for the annual Irish Xmas celebration in Dullstroom. Cheers!
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