Month of love and giving!
February 2019


Canned intelligence

Over the holidays I brushed up on my ping pong skills with my godson. He had already downloaded an iOS game before we left, which we used in preparation. Real life is different though and where we played, the tables were outside, so wind was always a factor. You can imagine the light ping pong ball swerving even more through the air, difficult to control with spin and wind thrown in.

By the end of the holidays, I’m somewhat proud to say I made it through to the semi-finals of that week’s Tuesday tournament. Just to be comprehensively beaten by a decidedly older, but remarkably better player. It was so much fun we even tried some artificial-lawn tennis, with a lesson learnt in just how hard this game is. Hats off to Nadal.

Upon retuning home, the 2019 edition of the annual CES showcase of all things gadget featured the incredible artificial intelligence-powered ping
pong robot from Omron. Named Forpheus, the robot has been much improved this year. Omron clearly uses Forpheus to demonstrate how its artificial intelligence prowess improves over time.



Agility is our game

Post the summer holidays, January brings realism, a slow start and an avalanche of social media memes lamenting the verisimilitude that comes packaged with a new year. A favourite cartoon that caught my eye is a Roz Chast classic from The New Yorker on how the annual calendar truly feels, which has nothing to do with the fact that all months are actually plus-minus the same length in human-measured time. (See more of her work here.)

Yes, the month of January can seem endless. If you received your December salary earlier than usual from an understanding employer, it can appear even longer after a summer holiday full of extra expenses. This year has been no different. Thank goodness for the month of love.

Which makes me think about some unexpected, lovely words of appreciation that simply arrived at the absolutely best moment. After a particularly difficult end-of-January client meeting, I was glad to receive a warm message from the client, who has become a business friend.



The real deal

One of South Africa’s most exciting and innovative independent corporate finance advisory firms is Pallidus. The exceptional and experienced team of professionals who created this forward-thinking group is making waves in the corporate finance and related fields. The Toast assists Pallidus with its marketing and brand strategy requirements.

A baie lekker auction

The Toast is assisting Bona Bona with its 3rd annual Platinum auction hosted at its impressive game breeding centre near Wolmaransstad on 25 May 2019. Guests can look forward to a truly special Local is Lekker auction, with the best biltong this side of the Gariep.

Hearts of Hope donation shop

eCommerce is super important for everyone these days, including organisations that survive from donations. Hearts of Hope is an NGO close to our hearts at The Toast and in this Valentine’s month the new HOH Donations Shop gives you the opportunity to give the gift of love: A cash donation of your choice that you know will go directly for the purpose for which it is intended.


Computational creativity (also known as artificial creativity, mechanical creativity, creative computing or creative computation) is a multidisciplinary endeavour that is located at the intersection of the fields of artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, philosophy, and the arts.

The goal of computational creativity is to model, simulate or replicate creativity using a computer, to achieve one of several ends:
* To construct a program or computer capable of human-level creativity.
* To better understand human creativity and to formulate an algorithmic perspective on creative behavior in humans.
* To design programs that can enhance human creativity without necessarily being creative themselves.


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