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In addition, not instead of!

The debate rages on. Will digital media replace print? No it won’t, is the glib answer to this perennial favourite. The print industry is, however, going through structural change, no doubt about that. But this massive adjustment in print’s fundamentals, being brought about by the digital driving force, is not about obliteration, but rather how it will impact on the changing landscape of traditional versus new media formats.

Clearly the internet across its many manifestations will continue to dramatically alter our lives as time goes by. Chris Anderson, Wired editor and author of The Longer Long Tail: How Endless Choice is Creating Unlimited Demand, puts it thus: “In the day of the internet, we’re in the first five minutes”.

It’s therefore hard to comprehend exactly what the practical long term impact will be and how it will manifest. Whether this will include the non-existence of print media in our lifetime is unlikely.

What is happening worldwide is print media is adjusting to a different, lower level of production. Paper companies everywhere are consolidating and the trend is continuing. European paper makers, especially, are closing production facilities and merging with others in an effort to drive paper prices up by constricting supply, due to contracting demand. These are normal market forces at work.

What will probably happen in the media world is that increased choice will carry on to lead to increased fragmentation. It seems likely printed media will be part of the overall mix. But it is as likely for print to be less dominant going forward, with fragmentation ever increasing choice.

Print media has a lot going for it. Its tactile nature and “always-on” physicality means people love interacting with printed products, in all its formats.

From a marketing communication and therefore brand content perspective, it means digital, print, video and a variety of other media platforms will each play a unique role in a brand’s owned media activities. It’s really due to the fragmentation and wide-raging availability of fragmented media that brands can own their own media channels.

This is great for marketers, who are no longer beholden only to external media, but who can create and maintain their own media channels, for in-context brand communication.
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TTD launches new brand content sites

August was an exciting month for Twisted Toast as we launched the corporate website of retirement life planning specialists Chartered Wealth, as well as their brand content extention, Retire Successfully. Be sure to check them out!
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Make A Million about to start!

Make a Million 7 starts on 29 August 2011 and it's still your best chance to win a million bucks! Twisted Toast's highly successful social media campaign has attracted over 1 000 Facebook Likes to the MAM7 Facebook Page, but registrations for the competition proper are still open, so if you fancy yourself an astute investor, go sign up!
Kim Browne, CEO

Musings from Kim, our CEO

Chattegies, bubble toast and getting work out — that’s what August has been about at Twisted Toast. The thing about having clients is they keep you busy! One of our esteemed clients wrote on our blackboard that we should “Always do what the client wants!” and that’s something we’re aspiring to.


What’s been a fascinating learning in Twisted Toast’s five months of existence is how often the correct solution for a client encompasses so much more than just a digital solution. So for a digital agency, we’ve done our fair share of strategy and brand development, campaign recommendation and execution including print, radio, outdoor, video and digital solutions. We’re loving it!


This month we’ve launched four campaigns, including four new website solutions as part of the mix.


Staying with motivational “bubble toast”, a legendary media professional wrote on our wall “If you’re not fast, you’re food” and that has been another learning for us. Opportunities abound and it's certainly advantageous if you can deliver quality solutions fast. It keeps cash flow going and the clients happy :)


Pitching for business is hard work and it’s really disheartening when you don’t win it, but even more so when a client doesn’t inform you of their final decision. Yes, we are speaking from first-hand experience — but the learning for us is, as much as we want new business, we probably don’t need this kind of client.


Luckily for us Toasters, so far we have attracted fantastic clients. Once-off campaigns have grown into additional projects and more introductions. So, here's holding thumbs!

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