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ShowMax was launched recently in a blitz of publicity and advertising. Tech insiders were quickly gushing South Africa’s Netflix has arrived. But has it really? I don’t think so. Not if you’ve actually got the real Netflix. Or HBO NOW, Showtime, Hulu, Amazon Prime Instant Video or even almost the whole Roku catalogue.

The launch of ShowMax has all the hallmarks of a not-well-thought-through, quick “just get it done” project. I can imagine the panicky boardroom exchange: “Netflix is coming! We need internet video on demand. Just get it done!”

The resultant first-to-market product is poor and costs its owners a huge bomb to deliver (although it’s cheap for consumers at R99.00 a month). Think HBO will licence Game of Thrones to ShowMax for nothing if it’s got its own TV app distribution network in HBO NOW? Think again. Also, you can bet on it the next season of Game of Thrones will be on HBO NOW first.

But to have a product to sell and hopefully become somewhat established in the local market before the real thing arrives, money was thrown at licensed content. Profitability for ShowMax is clearly not a consideration before at least six years from now. It’s all about being perceived as first to market and being seen to be “beating” Netflix locally. (Especially with the news that the Netflix launch in Australia has been a big success.)







On Heritage Day, I happened to find myself interviewing a candidate for a design job at The Toast. We don’t know each other at all and in trying to explain a little about who we are and what we do, I found myself talking about our heritage. I was struck by how much we are influenced by our publishing experience, and how perfectly those many years spent in the magazine world, shaped us to be able to deliver hybrid marketing services to our clients today.

One of our USPs is fast-turnaround. Without weekly magazine publishing experience, we would not be able to deliver on this. Not everything needs to be an epic undertaking and if a prototype exists, it’s easy to build on.

Take the recent story of a series of high-end brochures. After a number of  legitimate hold-ups, it took almost a year to finally get a beautiful bespoke company brochure completed and printed. But then, this month, in just two weeks we produced another three completely new brochures for the same client for an important event. At the same time, we were designing a 170-page catalogue for another client, which needed to go to print at the same time!

Feeling a little nostalgic, I reminisced on the customs we have developed at The Toast over the last four-and-a-half years. As we grow and get busier, we’ve outgrown phases such as brewing our own beer and braai days have naturally morphed into Nando’s Fridays. We like to bang the gong and drink champagne when we sign a new client and we all have a serious addiction to good coffee and Woolies sweets.



The Flying Toasters

The Flying Toasters were at it again, taking on the adrenaline-pumping urban night adventure Jump City Challenge on 23 September. The Toast team comprised Pernille Martin, Dylan Browne, Kim Browne and Louis Eksteen. 13-year old Dylan Browne placed 23rd overall :)


Atterbury Brochure

In celebration of an important milestone, Twisted Toast was commissioned to create a commemorative Atterbury 21 brochure. Featuring a soft-touch laminate cover, accentuated with spot foil, this special brochure also uses printed trace and an extra gatefold throw-out page emphasizing Atterbury's launch into the European market and the incredible Waterfall City developments. View the brochure on the Atterbury website homepage.

Wintershoek auction

A case of the Ws

Wintershoek Wild will be holding their inaugural Back to Basics Auction of exceptional game on 29 September in Kimberly. Twisted Toast created all the marketing collateral for the show including a variety of clothing applications. wintershoekwild.com/auction/


Just like the Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day with turkey, we celebrate Heritage Day in SA with a braai! The idea being to bring friends, family and strangers together to celebrate our diversity. Just as King Shaka was influential in uniting Zulu clans into a cohesive nation, Heritage Day (appointed in place of King Shaka Day) encourages South Africans from all walks of life to come together to celebrate our rich cultural heritage and the diversity of our rainbow nation. Viva the braai!

It's a matter of association

Dear Kim and Louis,

I just wanted to share good news with you. I think it is fitting in this week where we hit 1 000 likes on Atterbury ’s Facebook page and passed 80 000 hits on the website!
Pierre Tredoux, the Chairman of both the Atterbury and Attacq boards, especially came to see me earlier today, on the 4th floor, after the APH board meeting.
He wanted to congratulate me and also the team involved on the excellent Atterbury website and the active and engaging social media presence as well as the monthly Blueprint and Omgee newsletters. 
Can you please share the news with your very efficient team behind the scenes as well? I think we need this positive affirmation after all the long hours and hard work on the website, Atterbury brag book as well as the SACSC brochures…still in the making!
It really is a pleasure working with you and I appreciate you efficiency and dedication in everything we do together. Next goal is 100 000 hits!
Kind regards,
Zahn Hulme
Atterbury Marketing Manager and Chief Executive Trustee Atterbury Trust
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