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Twisted Toast Digital (Pty) Ltd

A marketing revolution!

In the mid-nineties the customer magazine industry was in the process of being formed. Entrepreneurial, marketing-minded journalists — especially in the UK — began creating magazines with content specifically aimed at generating positive brand association.

Understandably this content was fairly hard sell in the beginning. These early customer magazines generated information about brands and products with all the reasons to buy, buy, buy! Now, thankfully, the customer magazine industry has fully matured and brand magazines today generate useful, interesting content that still positively associates brands, but that add real value to consumers' lives. In particularly successful instances, especially in the food category, these customer magazines are not given away free, but sold, just like consumer magazines.

Today a new marketing revolution is taking shape. Brand content creation in real time, enabled by mobile digital devices and based on true media fundamentals, is rapidly changing the way brands communicate with fans. Real time marketing is what the gurus in the States are calling this sea change in brand communication.

Via the social web and app Internet brands can utilise exactly the same tools as professional media to communicate in a soft-sell way with brand fans. In some instances, epitomised by brands such as Burberry and Red Bull, brands are even beginning to see themselves as media owners in their own right.

Capitalising on this macro trend, Twisted Toast: Digital Media Architects is positioned as a brand content agency with the unique selling proposition of enabling brands to act like professional media. With a twist!

Socials at Twisted Toast!

It's been a busy month at the Twisted Toast offices, but it hasn't been all work  — we've been spending our Fridays reconnecting with old friends and colleagues. You can check out all our visitors in our Facebook social gallery and click through to view the highlights of the last month right here!

A toast to toast in popular culture

There's something inherently soothing and fundamentally satisfying about a slice of good toast, which explains why it's so popular, and why popular culture is steeped in references to toast. In between all the other chaos of our launch month, we took at a look at some of our favourite references to the humble slice of toast in popular culture!

Musings from Kim, our CEO

The launch day of Twisted Toast finally arrived on Friday 1 April 2011. One of the first decisions we made was that the founding four, plus our non-executive chairman were going for lunch at an ever-popular, quaint Portuguese restaurant in La Rochelle, Joburg. Parreirinha was the perfect place to celebrate our existence. Win!

Monday we launched ourselves into the business of securing a first client. Hard work paid off with Twisted Toast appointed as brand content agency for wealth managers Chartered Wealth Solutions. Our first
 week was celebrated with a Nando’s Friday lunch at the Twisted Toast canteen with friends Nico Nel and Erin Viljoen.

Week two was all about statuses, interviews, lawyers, accountants and progress meetings. And now, as I write, we're engulfed by the paint fumes of the creation of our professional office, upstairs at Starcom. Thanks, Gordon!

Until the next TOAST, read a full update of our exciting first month here!

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