Bob’s your uncle
October 2016


Email might be winning against spam


Email remains the number one business communication tool by a country mile. While chat apps have become hugely popular, even overtaking traditional social media in usage levels, good old email still rules. In the  Radicati Group’s Email Statistics Report, 2016-2020, this sentence from the executive summary is telling: “Email use worldwide continues to grow”.

Email marketing remains truly effective, even though many people believe they never open marketing email. Due to the pervasive nature of spam or junk email, users have become so sensitive they do not want to even think about opening that dreaded unsolicited email. But useful, interesting email they find valuable has the opposite effect. People relate to email communication that helps, rather than irritates.

Email newsletters work

At The Toast our number one own marketing tool from day one has been our monthly email newsletter, TOAST. This remains true to this day, as virtually every issue of TOAST we send results in some form of positive new business discussion with current, former or new clients.



Bob’s your uncle


Just when I thought we’d had all the bad news for the year, we heard about the passing of Louis and my first boss in the media industry, Bob Harrison earlier this month. It really has been one heck of a year and I guess it’s not over until it’s over. Bob was a committee man and always the life and soul of the party. He seemed to know absolutely everyone. You couldn’t get on a plane or go to a restaurant without someone coming over to greet him. He was just that kind of guy. He always believed in us in the early days at Media24 and we will always have a special place in our hearts for him and his wife Louise.

Alongside all the sadness of the year, we remain grateful for the many blessings too. Twisted Toast is growing as a business and busier than ever as we head for the end of the year. Bob Dylan sings “you’ve got to serve somebody” and in our case as independent, free-spirited, experienced marketing specialists that’s our clients… Sometimes clients don’t like to hear what we have to say – but we always have their best interests at heart. Our best clients usually listen to us ☺, after all it’s our expertise they paying us for!



Wintershoek Wild Auction

The Toast loves going to Kimberley where our client Wintershoek Wild hosts a truly unique auction of high value game every year. The Northern Cape is one of the most hospitable places of our lovely country and driving through the veld spotting some of the best quality game around is always a pleasure.

Infographics for VivA

Streicher Buffalo

Twisted Toast recently created a new brand identity for respected buffalo breeders Streicher Buffalo. This breeding organisation has been developing respected genetics since 2000. Its super buffalo bull William Porter boasts a magnificent horn spread of 51"


Halloween originates from the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain. The ancient Celtic people used to observe the day to celebrate the end of harvest season and winter’s beginning. Halloween was also seen as the transitional period, a bridge to the world of the dead.

The name Halloween or Hallow E’ (in Ireland) actually means All Hallows’ Eve, or the night before All Hallows or All Saints’ Day. In old English, hallow means to sanctify. It is a misconception that Halloween was based on satanic practices because of its pagan roots.
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