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Brand media flying high 

By Louis Eksteen

I’m enjoying Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography by Walter Isaacson. It’s a remarkable portrait of an unusual individual. Steve’s ability to ensure the future by inventing it is a business philosophy many try but few succeed in.

It’s made me think about what’s next for media. I like iMaverick, founder and editor Branko Brkic’s unique daily iPad newspaper. I fear, however, that it’s a difficult business model to make profitable, simply because news is everywhere today. In iMaverick’s case they produce excellent content, but even for a product as good as theirs, it’s an uphill battle for income from consumers and advertisers.

It’s not going to get any easier. The truth is brands are ever less reliant on external media to reach consumers through advertising. Brand media are on the rise because, I believe, all brands are content brands. (Just ask Red Bull.)

A quiet revolution is taking place in brand content. Marketers, brand owners and companies are realising the power of continuously generating quality, credible and reliable content via their own media channels, created as expertly as traditional media.

Of course they’re not in the media business itself. Or are they? Increasingly, brilliant content companies such as Burberry are in fact redefining themselves as product-and-media organisations, as capable of producing wonderful style content as what Vogue is.

Traditional media companies are certainly resisting this major structural shift as, correctly, their businesses continue to suffer in a digital world where everyone has access to the same media creation tools they alone controlled in the past.

Brand media is growing up. This means brand owners have realised a “sell, sell, sell” approach doesn’t work in media, but that exciting, new, interesting unique, credible and professionally created information and entertainment does. They know consumers associate content with brands by themselves and this means you do not have to constantly badger them with “brand, brand, brand”. They get it.

For brilliant use of brand media try Red Bull’s new full-length snowboarding movie The Art of Flight.

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TTD clients are world champs!

At the recent IDO street dance world championships in Austria DanceWeb's formation team FULL CIRCLE took gold! Twisted Toast is currently working on an updated digital presence for DanceWeb (watch this space), and one of the team members of FULL CIRCLE is Belinda Williams, group executive for Vodacom's Investor Relations division, another client of ours! Read the full story on our website!
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Twisted Toast launches MMAP digital presence

Twisted Toast is proud to announce the launch of our seventh client's website and newsletter, specialist out of home (OOH) media company MMAP (previously known as Michele Munro & Associates)! Go check out their website and read their latest newsletter here. We've also got a short video on our website of MMAP Director Clare O'Neil that's worth a check!
Kim Browne, CEO

Musings from Kim, our CEO

Why is it that October always flashes by in a blur and before you know it, there’s only eight weeks left until Xmas?

They say the busier you are, the quicker time flies and this is certainly our experience at Twisted Toast. Our nine clients (one extra added this month) are doing an excellent job of keeping us off the streets.

Our early Christmas wish to everyone we know is to remain busy right up to the end of this year and beyond. Viva entrepreneurship!

We’re still in the “crawling” stage at Twisted Toast and absolutely everything is different to how we imagined. Not one of our existing clients were on our original prospect list. The scope of work is much more varied. This month, besides launching a new website, ad banners and an inaugural monthly digital newsletter, we completed additional print jobs such as stickers, business cards and a sales prospectus, presentations, display signage, video and our fourth print ad.

We pride ourselves on finding the right solutions for clients, whatever they might be. Two of our favourite clients asked us to help them out with work this month which would never be in the scope of services provided by a traditional ad agency. We took it on and found elegant solutions, resulting in happy clients :)

Read Kim's full musings on the Twisted Toast website.
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