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How magazine apps are finding their feet

By Louis Eksteen

For much of the last two years, or since the importance of the tablet category (read: iPad) became apparent, traditional magazine companies have been scrambling to convert to digital editions that work well. It’s been harder than one might have thought.

One issue is the business model. As with other digital delivery platforms, figuring out how to charge for intellectual property in a non-paper format on tablets has been tricky. Consumers are understandably fickle when it comes to digital magazines as they’re used to getting a lot of this kind of stuff for free online, even though they pay for it on paper. In contrast the paper magazine model has worked well for more than a century.

Publishers, retailers and advertisers developed a paper delivery channel that has stood the test of time. Until now.

Tablet advertising has also been difficult to fathom. Theoretically a digital magazine offers great flexibility, with many additional whizz-bang features such as video, tactile interactivity, location-based services, etc. Practically, however, few advertisers have been paying extra for these add-ons. In fact, most advertising pages found in magazine apps are simply print ads, often just a PDF rerun. Here and there smallish bits of interactivity can be found, but it’s not the norm.

This may not be a bad thing. It actually seems as if consumers aren't  as interested in immersive digital trickery as what media and advertising fundis thought. Perhaps they prefer non-intrusive digital magazines, well presented, yes, but not too fancy-zancy or over the top.

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Prezi showcase
Prezi showcase!

When it comes to high definition, bespoke presentation art, Twisted Toast is making waves! Check out some of the Prezi presentation art we've produced in our showcase!
SAB Miller
A Toast to SAB Miller

Twisted Toast was contracted by Corporate Image to produce an animation process on beer brewing for SAB Miller. The rest, as they say, is history
Kim Browne, CEO of Twisted Toast
Musings from Kim, our CEO

Bru-wing in July!

If you had foretold a year ago that we’d be brewing our very own Twisted Toast beer in 2012 I would have thought you were smoking something. I mean, I’m really more of a champagne girl myself. But we get to do some crazy stuff at The Toast.

It all started with a referral from a client (read Twisted Toast fan) to reputation management consultancy Corporate Image who had been tasked by its client, SABMiller Group Technical, to handle the development of an animation video to illustrate the global company’s brewing process.

To enable the agency to deliver a 2D isometric motion graphics solution that explains a technically complex process correctly, simply and without fuss we busied ourselves in everything relating to the brewing of the perfect pint and joked that perhaps when the project was finally completed, we should perhaps try our hand at making beer.

Once the idea was formed, there really was no turning back. We held a quarterly agency strat session on Friday 13th of July and it was decided there and then that we’d brew our own beer in time for a Spring celebration, where we can unveil our brew to clients at a tasting! All going well we should have three different brews ready for the tasting.

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