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Content marketing buzz

By Louis Eksteen

I recently came across a quirky iTunes podcast called Content Marketing and Merlot. The two hosts Brody Dorland and Jayme Thomason chat about what’s up in the brand content world over a glass of quality wine in a Kansas City bar called Cellar & Loft.
The discussions deal with how content marketing is developing into a fully fledged marketing discipline alongside advertising, in what is still a nascent industry in America, even at the end of 2011.
It’s clear from this and other new material written about brand content that this new marketing approach has more in common with magazine editing and publishing than pure hard sell advertising. The core principle that’s developing is brands can and should use their own valuable content assets to add value to customers’ lives and not use content as disruptive, old-school advertising.
This means the main skill sets required for brand content marketing is the creation, finding, editing and dissemination of interesting stories and visuals for consumption by brand fans across a variety of platforms, including digital and print. Traditional advertising pros find it difficult to do, as background experience in journalism, editing and media management is required, rather than hard sell advertising creation.
As brands slowly come to understand they are automatically in the content business these days, alongside whatever else they’re doing, they’re realising a cultural shift towards content and the creation of content assets is required.
In one particularly interesting podcast the founder of the Content Marketing Institute Joe Pulizzi explains how the industry is now taking shape in America and what they’re doing to promote it. It’s thought-provoking how he compares the magazine industry to doing brand content marketing well. 
Pulizzi is a particularly vocal advocate for brands taking ownership of quality, valuable, direct communication with fans and has created 42 Content Marketing Commandments
The most important commandment? For me it’s: Interruption isn’t valued, but engagement is. But maybe you like these two best: A news release isn’t meant to be picked up by the press, but rather to help customers find your great content on the web and Marketers can and should be publishers.
At Twisted Toast we live by: All brands are content brands™.
Vodacom Interim results Prezi

Twisted Toast's Vodacom presentation!

Here's something we're very proud of. Twisted Toast was contracted to develop presentation art for Vodacom CEO Pieter Uys and Vodacom CFO Rob Schuter's joint interim results presentation. Working on a very tight timeline and with the traditional stigma of financial presentations being dour and boring, we're thrilled with the end result, and have posted a detailed 'behind the scenes making-of' post about how the Prezi came together. You can, of course, view the finished product there as well!
Vodacom Prezi

More presentation art!

Vodacom International CEO John Dennelind so loved our interim results presentation, he contracted Twisted Toast to create presentation art for his panel talk at this year's Africa Com. We were, naturally, more than happy to oblige. Check out his Prezi Presentation on our website.
PSG online ad

Print ... we rock it!

We've long since shed any illusions about being a digital agency only. Here at Twisted Toast we do so much print work we've accepted that we're very much a full service agency. Case in point this fantastic print advertisement we did for our client PSG Online, celebrating being awarded the prestigious Business Day Investors Monthly Stockbroker of the Year 2011 award.
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Nine months!

It's a significant number and as Twisted Toast nears our nine month mark, we took a little time to reflect on the many people who we've crossed paths with on our fantastic journey. Take a look at the gallery of vistors from our first, informal office or our new, shiny Toast HQ and you'll see just what an amazing experience this has been. We hope to continue sharing it with you in the future!
Kim Browne, CEO

Musings from Kim, our CEO

On 11/11/11 we decided to set ourselves the vanity challenge of growing our client base to 11 before the close of 2011, whilst ensuring we don’t skip a beat with our existing client base. Eight months in, we’re still crawling at Twisted Toast and up for giving almost anything our best shot.

We’re now on the verge of booking our first radio campaign on behalf of a client, through MediaVest (our media agency partner) as part of a multi-media campaign.

Not constraining ourselves too much is liberating, and while we’re still small completely do-able. It’s one of those cultural things that we will do our utmost to preserve as we grow.

In this spirit, here are our 11 learnings (not in order of importance):

1. Always do what the client wants (even if it hurts sometimes).

2. Positive energy is an incredibly powerful business tool.

3. Business flows from places you’d never expect.

4. Change is a great way of getting rid of unnecessary baggage.

5. You’re never too old to learn new tricks.

6. Small, detailed things take the longest time and are always underestimated.

7. In spite of the best intentions, things go wrong.

8. Special people will go out of their way to help you succeed.

9. Pitching is worth the hard work, something is always gained.

10. Perseverance pays off. As Yogi Berra said: “It ain’t over till it’s over”.

11. Good coffee is the octane-injected fuel that we run on!

With three weeks to go until we close the office for the holidays, our new target has become 12 clients to start 2012.

Thank you to our incredible clients for giving us the ride of our lives the past eight months. We wish you all well over the summer holidays and look forward to growing together in 2012. Let the good times roll!

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