Don't be a holdout and do it with discipline
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Why holdouts lose out

By Louis Eksteen

A holdout is someone who refuses to accept change. They appear in all walks of life. Property holdouts are those people who refuse to sell their houses or buildings to make way for new developments. In the end they always lose, because new buildings are simply constructed all around them.

This recent story in Slate made me think about holdouts in all walks of life. BlackBerry fans refuse to budge to the almighty iPhone. (OK, I know, Passport is getting some relatively OK-ish press. But, really?)

The digital wave is replacing so many old-style activities, it's not hard to find analogue (old) holdouts who refuse to adapt to the digital (new) way of living. Sure, a retro throwback now and again is great (I'm loving vinyl at the moment), but it's not going to replace my developing streaming vibe.

McLuhan and Toffler

Some forward thinkers from an almost bygone era were warning against being a holdout a log time ago. Marshall McLuhan created the idea of a global village way back in the early sixties. Alvin Toffler started propagating the notion of a knowledge economy as far back as 1970 in his book Future Shock. He followed it up with The Third Wave and later Powershift: Knowledge, Wealth and Violence at the Edge of the 21st Century.

These McLuhan and Toffler ideas mean holdouts are simply wasting their time. New, faster developments in technology and societal shifts cause ever-rapid change. Holdouts lose because staying behind puts you out of reach and into touch.

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A case of the 3Ds

aDaptation, discipline and deadlines

By Kim Browne

It’s not the things you can see coming that give you the most grief. Take for instance the sorry saga of my ankle. I didn’t injure it doing something “extreme” such as running on trails or portaging with a canoe over rough terrain. It really wasn’t that exciting at all, I simply stepped into a great big hole, in plain sight, right in front of me (if I had been looking) and thereby managed to tear all three ligaments in my ankle.

With weekly physio and rehab, an ankle brace for six months and no running for the foreseeable future, I need to change my immediate plans and adapt to these new circumstances, with discipline.

Now I can complain about this (why me, why now?), get angry, blame, resist, ignore my new reality (it hasn’t really happened to me) and/or fight it. I know I’m guilty of doing most of the above.

But, I also have the choice to just accept it, evaluate the damage, re-plan the immediate future and just get on with it. This definitely feels like the easiest, most efficient way of going forward. On reflection, I should have skipped all the rest and just done this!

People often say “things happen for a reason”. I think in this case “even if the reason is your stupidity” applies. Get over it, move on. Next chapter already.


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On the Flipside
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History of RS animation by Twisted Toast Digital

Born in a small garage in 1937, the Radiospares company first burst onto the UK scene by supplying spare parts for repair shops to keep the country’s radios on. The business added many electronic components in 1954 and by 1971 it was known as RS Components. Fast forward to 2014 and today RS celebrates 77 years of innovation. Ensuring its own growth by helping customers to grow is how the company likes to roll.

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