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Messaging apps: The new social media

By Louis Eksteen

Messaging apps on mobile devices are the new social media platforms to watch. With the recent Naspers six-month results came the news that Tencent, in which the global South African media giant has a significant shareholding, is actively expanding its messaging app WeChat’s reach. Speculation is also rife that Tencent is making offers for SnapChat, the current darling of messaging apps.

All the recent hype about messaging apps is indicative of a changing mobile-dominated communication landscape. It’s amazing how quickly technology continues to change our lives. With trendsters already calling messaging apps to be the major marketing trend for 2014, social media all of a sudden seems a bit like yesterday’s news.

For people used to sending and receiving SMSes, messaging apps can seem a bit far removed from social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. But for the WhatsApp generation who grew up on BlackBerry’s once-ubiquitous BBM, the new wave of socially relevant messaging apps, epitomised by SnapChat, represent a short attention-span but high impact universe of constant engagement. Ten-second by 10-second image/video/post/message at a time. (Other popular new messaging apps include Kik and KakaoTalk.)

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Make it a double

By Kim Browne

Plan, write it down and commit. Three things that are not difficult as such – but  the discipline of actually doing this is never easy.

Somehow, if you write something down, as “intent” it makes it more real. If you  don’t – and the goal is never achieved – it doesn’t feel quite as bad, because the real “commitment” wasn’t articulated in black and white.
Often when you do write down a goal, you look at it and think you’ll never achieve it. But once you’ve decided to give something a real “go” – the trick is to break it up into bite – sized achievable chunks and celebrate small success goalposts along the way.

Let’s take the recent 94.7 cycle challenge. To a novice cyclist like myself 94kms on a bike is a long way. Couple that to having done zero training, due mostly to circumstances beyond my control (bike damaged when a bakkie drove into the back of our car on our way back from our first training ride at the cradle) – real fear set in. And add to that last year’s race was my first ever bike race, this year my second …

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