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How the humble library search gave birth to Google


A friend’s son in grade nine recently received career guidance counselling at school. After completing a battery of aptitude and other tests, he was provided with a list of career options to consider. He is a gifted scholar of mathematics, so the first few suggestions made perfect sense: Engineer, software developer, scientist, librarian. What? Librarian? What is that all about?

We discussed this apparent aberration in guidance counselling over coffee and came to the conclusion that it was, after all, not an aberration at all, but a perfectly sensible career option for a mathematician. For people such as Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Indexing and finding the right information efficiently and effectively is the most important utility value of any library. The difference today, of course, is virtually all indexing of information takes place in internet libraries and not physical ones. The career descriptor “librarian” seems old and stuffy today, but the practise of logically filing and being able to retrieve valuable information quickly is becoming ever more important. It’s the companies that can make sense of information overload that will increasingly succeed in a connected economy.

When Google first started, Page and Brin went back to the very basics of logical information retrieval. George Boole, a 19th century British mathematician created a system that came to be known as Boolean algebra. The initial Google search algorithm used Boole’s mathematical system of logic to enable the retrieval of indexed web pages through the use of ordinary language.

The Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT became the basis of all internet search, as it allows for inclusion and exclusion of information to make retrieval of the right information at the right time possible.



High five!


“To practice five things under all circumstances constitutes perfect virtue. These five things are gravity, generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness and kindness,” Confucius

It’s hard to believe but Twisted Toast has reached its milestone 5th birthday and there’s been plenty reminiscing happening this month. Before you think we forgot to invite you to the party, I admit we decided not to have one, but rather to celebrate this milestone occasion with a special treat for our staff. The Toast is officially closed today as we head off for a bit of “us” time ☺

Autumn seems to have sprung on us from nowhere and as we ready ourselves for the winter months ahead we are foraging our way through a wide variety of work. Let’s just say “hybrid” has never been a more fitting description for what we do!

We are also very proud to have been awarded our first project by new client VivA (Virtuele Instituut vir Afrikaans) just this week and also welcome Jamavani and OBZ to our growing list of new clients. Thank you too to our wonderful contract clients, who have all re-signed their annual contracts with us. Without you we would not be where we are today and we are ever-grateful for your support.

Five is a magical number: It’s the second primary number, there are five working days in a week, five fingers on each hand, we have five natural senses (hear, see, taste, smell, touch) and the five elements are fire, air, water, earth and spirit.

At The Toast five represents a new chapter in our business. We are perfectly poised to take on the challenges of a small but vibrant and growing, profitable business. We’ll be reviewing our systems, which need to grow with us and concentrate on streamlining disciplines to get rid of things we’ve outgrown. We hope you continue to journey with us on this awesome adventure.

High fives!


Women in Finance Network

We were tasked with designing a new identity for the Women in Finance Network (WIFN) last year and created a website for their launch event earlier this month. Our client, Tanya Saraiva had this to say about our work: “The Twisted Toast team has done an AMAZING job on this website and to say thank you is simply not enough. We are so chuffed with it and so appreciate all the hard work that has gone into making this a reality for us. It’s classy, impressive and beautiful and will stand the network in good stead as we go out and make the industry stronger with a powerful female presence. You guys have been an integral part of making our dream for WiFN come to life. Thank you!”

To Russia with love

Twisted Toast now designs in Russian. Moscow office opening soon. Watch this space!

King Jabu’s Pride

Twisted Toast created a marketing brochure for the launch of a unique investment opportunity. A 25% share will be sold in the exceptional king wildebeest herd King Jabu’s Pride during the upcoming Pilanesberg Game Breeders auction on 7 May 2016.

Bits and Bobs

It’s April, Fools!

April 1 is known as April Fools’ Day

We thought that instead of playing a prank ourselves, we’d rather share some ideas on how to prank your friends and colleagues. Herewith our top five picks!

By Erik Verster

No. 1

Make Mentos ice bombs for your friends that love fizzy drinks


No. 2

Infinite loop of shopping trolleys around a car


No. 3

Airhorn to an office chair


No. 4

Paint soap with clear nail varnish and leave it in the shower


No. 5

Stick a piece of paper over the optics of a mouse
(Message is optional)


For more ideas visit Boredpanda.com


Only 5% of businesses survive the first five years. Onwards and upwards!

Five cool facts about VR

Five fascinating facts about mobile virtual reality we bet you didn’t know: http://dolphin.com/5-fascinating-facts-about-mobile-vr-in-2016/

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