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By Louis Eksteen

Importance of Yahoo!'s Summly app purchase

Traditional media companies do not often invest in technology creation directly. They use technology to conduct their business, but one would be hard-pressed to find a real deep-tech innovation lab within (or even close to) traditional newsrooms. Even media companies that have bought into tech startups and companies, often do this in holding company fashion, avoiding introducing code builders straight into the media heart of the operation. This needs to change. Yahoo!'s Summly app purchase therefore shows traditional media the way.

Yahoo!'s Marissa Mayer (she's now been CEO for about eight months), startled the tech world recently by authorising the purchase of a mobile app called Summly from a 17-year-old UK schoolboy. (Plus, in reality, some true heavyweight early investors.) An interesting aside to the story is that the app was removed immediately from the App Store, as Yahoo! aims to use its auto-summarise technology in its own branded apps.

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Found online...

By Kim Browne

On the eve of our official second birthday (1 April 2013), we continue to delight in the joys of running our own little enterprise. March has been a fabulously busy month at The Toast and we are enthralled at having gained a piece of retainer business, which originated with an Internet search. The client had no prior knowledge of us, our previous lives and what we did before in media.

This may sound like a strange comment. But all our work thus far has been the result of real, human word of mouth. So now it’s no longer only who you know, but what you know. We’re just loving our small case study of “being found online”.

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On the Flipside
The Toasters celebrate day one of financial year three at The Toast: Louis Eksteen, Kim Browne and Erik Verster
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RS Components (RS) is a global electronics and electrical component distributor from the UK. It is part of the large Electrocomponents group. RS South Africa recently contracted Twisted Toast Digital to create a new long term brand content campaign based on the benefits of using the sophisticated RS eCommerce system.
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