TV apps, because pay TV is for people who haven't heard of the internet
JULY 2015


Pay TV is for people who haven’t heard of the internet



TV apps, accessed via mobile devices, computers and media players for HD TV sets are taking over from pay TV for movies and TV shows. And sport. According to the latest information, cord-cutting in America has increased markedly during the first quarter of 2015. Some 31 000 previous pay TV subscribers (or cable subscribers in US parlance) cut all ties with traditional pay television service providers in favour of TV apps accessed via the internet.

These are scary numbers for subscription television companies, but great news for consumers. With TV apps, the days are over when somebody else decides what you can watch and when. The TV app revolution is happening so quickly, traditional TV companies will soon find themselves in the same boat as traditional print publishers. PVRs or not. The internet is simply so powerful that it is now starting to disintermediate previously untouchable TV business models.

Just ask Apple. It had to buy Beats just to play catch-up in streaming music. If Apple can miss an internet boat such as streaming, lumbering “broadcasters” don’t have much of a chance. Or, if they’re HBO, they learn very fast that it’s much better to join them if you can’t beat them.






I hope it’s not just me who feels this year is flying by… June has been a crazy busy month for us at The Toast and somehow as the days blurred into each other, we’ve managed to celebrate solstice with a pajama & curry day, fit in a few client-related travel trips and spend Youth Day with our families. We’ve also managed to gain some new business, expand our office and upgrade our ever-trusty Macs.

Growing pains are certainly not pain-free, and everyday presents a new set of challenges and adventure. Clients are perpetually demanding and as the hired help – we need to deliver. We must be doing things right, as they keep coming back for more of our services and often recommend us to others. Long may the busyness continue!

Four years later, we are now in the position where we need to sometimes say no to business. It’s really not that easy for a boutique operation like ours to do.  When you’ve started out with nothing and put everything you’ve got into hunting and gathering every single piece of business gained, it feels arrogant almost to turn possible business away. Loyal long-standing clients, who invest consistent retainer business with us are our toast and butter – so we need to keep possible sensitivities in mind. It’s not personal, it’s personnel!



Twisted Toast was contracted by the Broadcast Research Council of South Africa (BRC) to develop a new brand identity and website. The BRC logo is inspired by the exciting world of broadcasting. The RGB colour of a television screen image and the dot-matrix pattern of a radio microphone join together in colourful vibrancy. The gradient of direction becomes a broadcast wave pattern, always reaching upwards, towards the blue sky of opportunity. The BRC logo is upbeat and colourful, refecting our rainbow nation, yet suble and professional to inspire trust. The lowercase use of the lettertype is friendly and approachable, with a modern and stylish font. Check it out!

For happy macs

Refreshing and creating new brand identities is one of our favourite things. IT company Invisible Solutions commissioned Twisted Toast to create a refreshed brand identity and website. We're super-proud of the outcome.


A recent client trip to Wintershoek in Kimberley, as guests of Wintershoek's Wiaan van der Linde, we got to get up close and personal with orphaned rhinos. Unforgettable!


There's a new Cat in town

Barloworld Equipment recently held a "battle of the giants" themed machine day to introduce the new CAT 745C. Twisted Toast designed invites, the agenda, trade advertising and branding on the day. 


Twisted Toast's inaugural client Chartered Wealth Solutions tasked the Twisted Toast creative team with redesigning their client workbook. As print still holds a very special place for us, we relished a chance to revisit the flatplan and dip our fingers in real ink.


MMAP outshines the rest when it comes to Out of Home. Remember to vote for them in the upcoming MOST Awards.


Twitter now allows users to share blocked lists in an effort to make the platform safer. This new, advanced feature makes blocking multiple accounts easy, fast and community driven. Users who experience unwanted interactions on Twitter can now export and share their block lists with people in their community or import another user’s list into their account and block multiple accounts, instead of blocking them individually.

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