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Five ways to maximise content creation opportunities

By Louis Eksteen

As companies realise they are in fact media companies and brands themselves, whatever their primary endeavours, the more they need to think about and execute content like media professionals. Technology allows for easy creation and dissemination of great brand content these days, so it’s simple to do, right?
Well... maybe. It’s is very simple to create a Facebook Page, Twitter identity, YouTube channel or Pinterest board. But it takes a bit more skill to run professional brand content channels across multiple platforms, continuously. This is the reason why many companies and brands either do a shoddy job of brand content channel development, or they often adopt a campaign-like approach, treating content like advertising.
One reason for this could be that the company or brand does not quite understand how to maximise content creation opportunities. Advertising has essentially little to do with content creation and is by definition limited due to being experienced on media external to the company.
By contrast, brand content lives on a company or brand’s owned media and everything is entirely controlled by the company or brand directly. This also means the responsibility for creating brand content rests internally, with outside assistance from professional brand content agencies.

The great news is that companies and brands are, by their very nature, excellent sources of brand content. One just needs to recognise these brand content creation opportunities and then develop the appropriate brand content packages.

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Kim Browne, CEO of Twisted Toast
Musings from Kim, our CEO

Keeping it real

Snow in Johannesburg and summer preceding spring in the big smoke; life has certainly been rather strange this August. In the spirit of keeping things real and honest and not believing your own BS, we would be spinning a large yarn if we said this month has been easy. It’s been a mega tough, frustratingly busy month … full of unfulfilled promise.
The good news is “the promise” is still there and we all know in order to achieve, it takes excessive amounts of tenacity, perseverance, patience, commitment and feel free to insert a string of additional adjectives here. The point is anything worth having is never easy. And when what you are selling is all new and shiny, necessitating potential change, there are a lot of hoops to jump through.
By default really, August became an “investment” month at The Toast. We invested our time and resources in progressing a few fantastic opportunities in the hope that they will ultimately result in good business. The investment required was immediate and all-consuming, necessitating “all hands on deck”, which left little time for anything else. And as confidential jobs go, we’ve signed the non-disclosures and our lips are sealed.

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