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Native ads: New name for retro marketing

By Louis Eksteen

Native ads have been the rage for a while. Basically joining advertising and content marketing it's touted as, to channel Tom Wolf, this week's marketing tool of the century. But, wait for it, in reality it's just an oldie (but a goodie).

The traditional magazine world developed many of today's digital marketing techniques. Content marketing itself was born out of customer magazines, still an important part of any brand content strategy. Ironically, it's digital that's successfully copying magazines today, not magazines implementing successful digital strategies.

Native ads are what used to be called advertorials in magazines. Most magazines refrain from using this crass term and opt for the "sponsorships" or "promotions" euphemisms. But in reality it's what it says on the pack: Advertising dressed up as editorial. This is exactly what native ads are: Digital advertising dressed up as digital editorial.

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Google it!

By Kim Browne

September is a special month in the calendar I always look forward to through the “long” winter months. The promise of spring mornings and longer days, time away with the family ahead of the last quarter of the year and a little bonus of Heritage Day celebrations is an enticing prospect.

In reality, the first week of September is often the coldest, and as I write this column, the wind is howling outside and it's freezing cold. Does it dampen my spirits? Absolutely not, spring is coming and things are hotting up at The Toast.

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On the Flipside
We are super proud of our marketing campaign for the recent Wildswinkel Klipkamp Auction. Now we know who owns Mooi Koei ;) Check out what Bloomberg reported on this special auction: Cape Buffaloes Sell for $6.3 Million at Biggest Auction Yet
The Bottom Line

Successful client email newsletters smash targets

Omgee Nuus was launched on behalf of Atterbury Trust in August and enjoyed a phenomenal 43% open rate. Our new weekly client newsletter, Sakegesprek met Theo Vorster, has achieved an average open rate of 33%. Both well above their respective industry average open rates.
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