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Why mobile video is big news

By Louis Eksteen

Mobile video is the trendiest news story in social land. Short-form video is all the range on social platforms. Opinions are many and varied about Twitter's Vine and Facebook's Instagram. It seems same-old, same-old still pictures are so 2012. Short moving pictures are hip.

But why is mobile video suddenly so important? It probably represents a significant tipping point in technological capability, specifically because short-form mobile video is now so share-able on social. Taking and sharing short mobile video is now as easy as pictures on your phone. This implies video format and duration differentiation, depending on access medium. Long-form video via desktop (YouTube and regular videos posted to Facebook and the open internet) is the norm, while short-form video now dominates social mobile (with Vine and Instagram).

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Talking about a revolution

By Kim Browne

Listening to my kids arguing about the meaning of revolution was rather enlightening. “In history, a revolution means a complete change,” Zoe explains patiently to her 11-year old brother Dylan. He counters that no, it actually means to go around in a circle – mathematically speaking.

I’ve never thought about it that way – but I guess “change” and “going around in a circle” can actually be the same thing.

Just take remembering stuff. We used to easily remember 20+ telephone numbers and be able to recite them easily. Nowadays, I sometimes can’t even remember my own phone number – but need to remember my 20+ passwords to access everything. Although, we do now have the help of neat, useful apps like Evernote  to help you remember everything!

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On the Flipside
"Wow! I must say, you guys are far more creative than anyone I've worked with - it's quite brilliant. Look forward to working with you again and hopefully seeing some more of your work."
Michael James Lightfoot

Above, some the the funky trade marketing items produced on behalf of OOH client MMAP as part of their recent campaign: We cut the stress out of home, in a flash!
The Bottom Line
Forget beer labels, this month The Toast applied some skill to funky T-shirt designs. No corporate clothing blues here!
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