Bring on tech in agriculture
JUNE 2015


Technology use grows in connected agriculture


For centuries farming has been at the forefront of technological development. I’m a fan of Jethro Tull the rock band, but the real Jethro Tull was a renowned agricultural technology innovator. Mr Tull revolutionised seed planting methodologies, amongst other significant agricultural achievements. He would have thrived in today’s connected agriculture world.

These days, farmers need to keep as up to date with technology as they do with the advances in planting and breeding methods. Tractors are advanced, computerised vehicles, with connectivity providing pin-point accuracy about where to drive go and what to do.

Electric and/or self-driving cars are all the range in pop-tech circles, but imagine a driverless tractor that runs on solar electricity, ploughing through the night. Connected agriculture can deliver significantly improved efficiencies in this way.



Bring it on



The sky is always blue at The Toast, which loosely translated means we’ll give almost anything a go. We like being given tasks to solve for clients.  We like the challenge, it keeps us stimulated.

Working in a demanding space, with tight deadlines; it would be a dream not to have to deal with infrastructure challenges. Eskom and Telkom just make our lives so much harder. Some days it feels like we’re swimming upstream all the time!

Traffic was a massive issue for us, so we moved the business to the Fourways area a year ago and scored all the way. We’re closer to our Pretoria clients and traffic issues have been marginalised. With  the onset of load shedding, we invested in a generator, so when the darkness descends, we can work. Oh, and a gas cooker to ensure we can always make coffee!

But the knock-on impact of load shedding presents further challenges. Traffic is again an issue, with robots often not working somewhere. An increasingly huge issue for us is Telkom service. Depending on the duration of load shedding, Telkom connectivity can become patchy at best, slowing us down. Yes, we have cellular connectivity as a back-up, but it’s not enough. Fibre is the answer, but it's currently unavailable in our area.



Twisted Toast was tasked with a tight brief for a new website for Development Economists, Urban-Econ. We're super-proud of the work and were very happy to receive this unsolicited email from our clients:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your highly professional service in updating our website. From the start you understood our vision and were able to guide us towards the creation of a website we are really proud of. Thank you also for going above and beyond with respect to meeting our sometimes complicated requirements, but above all for your efforts at short notice in ensuring that our website went live in time for our launch.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with you!! :)

Judex, Joheen and Tania


Atterbury recently celebrated a year to go to the opening of its biggest development to date – the much-anticipated Mall of Africa. An exclusive briefing was held at the site for prospective tenants and other interested parties to mark this important milestone. Check out the progress being made with this incredible development on the brand new Atterbury website, which went live earlier this week.


Twisted Toast was contracted to produce a series of Infographics for The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) WWF International Global Climate & Energy Initiative. Check out our work here!

Visit the website here, follow @ClimateWWF and WWF Climate and Energy on Facebook, or read their blog.



New brand identity for Wintershoek

Wintershoek is a significant organisation in the South African scarce game breeding industry. When Wiaan van der Linde from Wintershoek approached The Toast for a fresh new brand identity, the commonality of the Wintershoek W was used as the focal point for brand design. The W’s simple ribbon effect creates continuity and fluidity, while yellow is used as a strong, identifiable highlight colour. The positioning line emphasises Wintershoeks standing as a trustworthy breeder of integrity.


Flying Toasters

The Toasters love adventure and participating in fun sporting events from mountain-biking to canoeing and beyond. With Walk the Talk coming up, we decided we needed out own “adventure brand” and so the Flying Toasters was conceived. Check out our Cool Fit Ts, because looking the part is part of the deal :)


According to a recent article in BusinessTech, The Tesla Powerwall home battery will be available worldwide – including in South Africa – by the end of 2016. Powerwall is a home battery that charges using electricity generated from solar panels and powers your home when the sun goes down.

Tesla CEO and South African-born technology entrepreneur Elon Musk confirmed that North American and European customers can already pre-order the product, for delivery July – September 2015.

Tesla’s new product is available as a 7kWh unit for $3 000, and a 10kWh unit for $3 500 – excluding inverters and installation.

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