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Mobile first marketing mantra getting louder

By Louis Eksteen

Marketers are increasingly building mobile first action plans into their activities. This year mobile first marketing will be the most important marketing activity for brands. The reason is simple. Smartphones and tablets are rapidly increasing penetration and usage, while marketing tools are becoming more sophisticated.

Facebook’s recent quarterly results announcement concentrated on its success as a mobile first marketing company. Just before the social network’s tenth birthday on 4 February 2014, founder and CE Mark Zuckerberg emphasised the company’s transition into a mobile first marketing business.

People use mobile devices in their blurred personal/business lives all the time. Just look at yourself. You’re not alone. This increasing level of penetration means a mobile first marketing orientation is a necessity, as other screens (computer, television) are either somewhat marginalised, or increasingly used in conjunction with a mobile device.

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The Toasters are on the move…

By Kim Browne

With January out of the way, we are settling into a growth year at Twisted Toast Digital. It’s fitting that this ties in perfectly with the length of my hair – gone is the pixie, bring on a growing bob.

If things go to plan, I should be sporting a shoulder-length hairstyle by the end of the year, so there will be lots of growing going on…

At The Toast, on the eve of our third birthday (which is a significant milestone we believe), we have outgrown our formative office in Woodmead and are ready to step out on our own. We knew it was on the cards and initially thought it was something to action in the last quarter of the year. But fate is a funny thing and with an opportunity too good to miss, we made the decision unilaterally to take advantage of events and create a home of our own from March 2014. We’re growing and it’s time.


On the Flipside
The Toast's new home in Perceptions House, Mulberry Hill Office Park, Broadacres Drive, Dainfern will sport Rain Slicker, Lavish Lemon, Nautilous and Sparkling Lemon Lime colours, thanks to Plascon!
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