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July 2017


Don’t think the digital world always delivers

Just because the internet and its myriad machinations mostly work, it doesn’t mean it always does. Websites aren’t always available, email isn’t always received, passwords aren’t always safe, things aren’t always what they seem to be on the internet and the cloud… well, the cloud isn’t really a cloud.

In its famous cartoon about what the internet really is, a sentiment that is as true today as it’s ever been, The New Yorker depicts a world that is manipulated, distorted and not actually real. In one resounding image Peter Steiner captures a network in which it’s possible to easily pretend to be what you are not. Note that this cartoon was published as the internet was showing early signs of becoming mainstream on 5 July 1993, when one Mark Elliot Zuckerberg was only about nine years old.

And yet we are completely dependent on the internet today. This all encompassing dependence will only grow as time goes by. The internet of things (yes, it really is a thing), will just add to our collective dependence on the machines. As will driving and flying, health, finance, work and many other aspects of our future lives.



No room for cheap and loose


We’ve been on a two-month sabbatical from writing and compiling our TOAST newsletter. It certainly wasn’t intentional and would be suicidal in the professional publishing space, where I learnt almost everything I know business-wise, before successfully launching Twisted Toast. It is what it is and we have lots of reasons why we haven’t got to our own newsletter lately. Frankly, if I had tried to use any of them as excuses back when I was a publisher, none of them would have held any water with me. So I won’t try excuse it and would prefer to just move along swiftly...

It is heartening to know that our newsletter was missed by a number of our clients. Which proves my long-held point of view that professional email newsletters are fantastic communications tools that should not be overlooked. Getting them out regularly and on time is an art that should be respected, along with other marketing communication. Sometimes, we are so busy with our clients’ communication, we forget about our own. As our clients pay us to do their newsletters, they take preference. Simple as that.




ABSA Virtual Investor for SmartRand™

The Toast is proud that the automated investment advice software ecosystem we created for SmartRand™ is live. SmartRand™ Engine powers the automated investment advice backend system for the new Absa Virtual Investor product available on absa.co.za.

The Absa Virtual Investor will tell you what kind of investor you are and which products are best suited to your portfolio. Click here to try it out.

Exxaro Brand Content

Klarinet Multi-Sports Field Handover

Twisted Toast recently worked with Exxaro Resources on an uplifting brand content campaign for the handover of a fantastic new multi-sports field in the fast-growing Klarinet suburb of eMalahleni

Atterbury Europe

The new website for Atterbury’s European business is live

Groot Namibië Wildveiling

Get ready for Namibia’s biggest-ever wildlife auction!

KB 50

Our intrepid CEO Kim Browne turned 50 recently. We celebrated with a book of 50 spreads
July is a busy month around the world
USA Independence Day on 4 July
France Storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789
Celebrate Bastille Day in lovely Franschoek on 14 July 2017
ZA Mandela Day on 18 July 2017
Every year on Nelson Mandela’s birthday, the 18th July, South Africans are called to contribute 67 minutes of community service
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