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Visualise it!

The latest, hottest trend in brand content marketing is visualisation. The cool pinboard social medium Pinterest might have something to do with the surge in popularity of visual representation of data, but to consider visualisation as only a relatively frivolous social marketing activity, will do this powerful brand content platform a disservice.

Over the past three years the data visualisation industry has found its marketing feet. The main driver is the powerful — but often poorly executed — infographic.

Originally used to create an easy to understand visual representation of complex data, all infographics these days are not created equal. It’s so easy to do a simple chart or graph and then to add a pretty picture or graphic, anyone can manage it. But to generate an infographic that adds useful content value to brand communication is significantly more complex. It requires an expert understanding of two disciplines: Intellectual analysis of the meaning of data and an ability to interpret data sets and the relationships between them graphically.

Editorial minds trained in writing about the relationship between data sets, coupled with graphic design artists who can connect data points visually make up killer infographic teams. If such a team also follows due process in the conceptualisation and execution of an infographic, the result can be an amazing piece of valuable brand content art that promotes instant meaning from complex data much better than long-winded copy can.

In today’s mobile world of immediate and continuous conversation, visualisation is the killer app for creating brand attention, to convey meaning quickly and to promote sharing amongst fans.

In addition brand infographics represent a new wave in company public relations. If an industry-relevant brand content piece can be presented to interested external media as a beautiful and attention-grabbing graphic picture, the likelihood of it being used increases substantially.

But the real value of investing in the creation of infographic art lies in using it across a brand and company’s owned media channels. Sharing and conversation is likely to be stimulated if the topic is inherently valuable and presented in a useful visual way.

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Menlo Rugbyklub

Portfolio: Menlo Rugbyklub

There's no job too small for Twisted Toast Digital! Take a look at the corporate identity, website, social media and newsletter we produced for Menlo Rugbyklub!
Twisted Toast Turns 1

One year retrospective

Twisted Toast has been in existence for a full year, and in this retrospective, the Twisted Toast staff reflect on the what the first year meant to them.
Kim Browne, CEO

Musings from Kim, our CEO

It’s already been a year and the month of March has been a disruptive one, here at the Toast. We have to admit that it hasn’t been without challenges. With the storms early on in the month, our ADSL was fried and it took the better part of a month to get it sorted.

We moved out of our comfy office, into a temporary (non-client friendly holding space) for two weeks, while the builders broke down walls and prepared our new office. Thank you for your patience to our clients who braved the temp office, we know it wasn’t pretty! The smell of paint and glue had tempers frayed, but now that’s all behind us and we’ve moved into a fabulous office (same building, same floor - just on the other side of the patio).

Erik has been hard at work in any spare moments he has to re-create our famous photo wall. The blackboard is done, so no worries, if you visit us, we won’t make you paint anything. The walls are all blue, sporting hand-painted fluffy white clouds. We introduced ox-blood red doors to the mix along with a golden caramel toast wall (pic background), which when it’s finished will house an impressive display of old toasters, given new life! And of course our coffee machine is still working overtime, so feel free to pop in for a cuppa with us!

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