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Apps should be useful and fun!

By Louis Eksteen

Two amazing phone and tablet apps were launched recently that are epitomes of what is possible nowadays. The first, FNB’s brilliant utility banking app, has raised the bar in terms of functionality. The app is easy to install, easy to link to your profile via online banking and it works. Well.
The second is the awesome Rugby World Cup (RWC) 2011 app, noticeably, but unobtrusively, sponsored by Land Rover and DHL. The constant, seamless updating of the app (have you noticed the shimmer?), happens so quickly it’s hard to pinpoint the update stream. All you really notice is the information is always fresh.
This app uses location-based technology for kick-off times that are always at real time, wherever you happen to be in the world. A simple, quick visit to the app every now and then keeps you in the game, all the time.
What’s also really good about the app is the constant statistic streaming that happens while games are progressing. It improves your television viewing no end, because you’re as up to date with the game as the commentators, sometimes even ahead of them. (Perhaps they should use the app while commentating ;)
Although it’s a bit unfair to compare these two apps, as FNB is focused on functionality over the long term and the RWC app lasts for the tournament, it highlights the importance of functionality combined with brand content.
The RWC app understands brand content and delivers it seamlessly with superb functionality built in. The FNB app suffers a bit from a no content approach.
It’s a pity, because FNB produces useful, relevant corporate brand content, but it’s given to external media without incorporating it into the app. Proper brand content, such as what FNB has readily available, will enhance the experience of utilising the app and add a bit of fun to its functionality.
Imagine an extra menu item “News”, positioned with the other utilities that streams the various bits of info within an FNB brand content context. This should not be a hard-sell brand push, but interesting content, created like a medium would. Now that’s a five-star app!
MAM logo

Twisted Toast handles brand content for MAM!

Brand content agency Twisted Toast: Digital Media Architects has been appointed by the MAM partnership to deliver a variety of marketing communication services within a brand context. For the seventh consecutive year the Make A Million (MAM) competition will reward the participant trader with the highest cash balance in his or her PSG Online account at the end of the competition with R1 million cash.
MMAP logo

MMAP appoints Twisted Toast as their communications agency

Specialist out of home (OOH) media company MMAP (previously known as Michele Munro & Associates) has appointed Twisted Toast: Digital Media Architects as brand content and marketing communication agency.
Kim Browne, CEO

Musings from Kim, our CEO

For the previous two months we were “stuck” on five clients. Many pitches in, lots of promise — but no movement. Then in the first week of September we signed two new clients: Danceweb and MMAP (formerly Michelle Munroe & Associates) and so started our obsession with Hip Hop Dance and out of home media (OOH).


The hat-trick for the month came with the inclusion of Vodacom Group Limited to our growing client list — now numbering eight. So, six months in (of course we celebrated with a quick lunch at the local Baron & Quail in Woodmead), we are really proud of how far we’ve come.


Amazingly, our second print brochure went off to the printers recently. We have thus made peace with the fact that the best solution for a client is not always digital brand content alone — and so we have embraced our positioning as a “creative agency” that delivers more than only digital brand content.


This month we produced brand signage, identity design, Prezi presentations, websites, pull-up banners, brochures, digital brand content strategies, invitations, digital newsletters, print ads and a few pitch presentations. It’s fantastic to be given the opportunity to work on a variety of client brands from different industries.


We gave ourselves the grace of “settling in” for the first six months at Twisted Toast, but now our challenge is to ramp things up a little. With some of the client projects we were contracted to do now completed, we’re hungry for new business. Let’s bring it on!

As always, you can read my full musings on our website.

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