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Why I'm loving Google+ ... and so should you

By Louis Eksteen

A few months ago Google’s nascent social effort Google+  was derided by the American digerati as a “virtual ghost town” compared to Facebook. A fair amount of people (90m) were already registered as Google+ users, but few were apparently practically using it. (Now 170m+ people are on Google+.)

I think Google is secretly happy about being underestimated. This kind of down talk takes the pressure off and increases the focus on Facebook in the year of its initial public offering. It’s clear Google+ is truly a long term effort for the company and not just another social experiment looking for a quick win. In my view they’ve learnt their lessons with the ill-fated Wave and then Buzz.

This time around Google is integrating social into everything they do. They’ve simply created a front-end for this enterprise-wide socialising and called it Google+.

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Twisted Toast's first birthday party!

It's hard to believe Twisted Toast has already been in existence for a year, but on reflection, it's been an amazing time filled with creativity, hard work and plenty of good times. In celebration we invited our clients and some of our closest friends to enjoy a Friday the thirteenth afternoon party at our new Toast HQ. Check out our gallery of pictures for the evidence!

Twisted Toast's Party gallery on Facebook
Kim Browne, CEO of Twisted Toast

Musings from Kim, our CEO

April is a crazy month. All the holidays wreck havoc with regular routine and the best made plans. It’s a great month to have a birthday though and in true Twisted Toast style, we literally and figuratively made a feast of it. Thank you to those of you who could share our first birthday celebrations with us, it was truly special. Celebrating our 13 clients with a Friday the 13th party was just meant to be.

The funny thing is, now that the agency is a year old, it feels as if we’ve passed some kind of test. People seem to have newfound respect for us; we have more “weight”. We’re also feeling all grown-up, a little toddler who's graduated from crawling to taking her first tentative steps.

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