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Advertising as conversation

In the contemporary digital communications world of the social web, app Internet and always on connected mobile devices, brand advertising is morphing into brand content. This practically means brands gain more value from digital platform conversations with customers (and from conversations between customers) than from traditional hard sell advertising.

That is why the web site banner advertisement is dead. (Or should be.)

Brand content marketing via owned and earned media is taking over in the brand communication mix. (Owned media is a conversation between a brand and its customers, while earned media is a conversation between customers about a brand.)

This important macro trend in brand communication is manifested by the way in which the Internet is used for a fresh equivalent to traditional advertising, i.e.  brands can increasingly use the Internet for conversations. However, this approach is usually contrary to what most traditional advertising agencies advise clients to do.

These old agencies often feel a need to create one directional campaigns. But in the present-day world of owned and earned media it’s more about continuous real time marketing than scripted campaigns with predefined outcomes, delivered via external media. The idea of agencies buying “space” or “time” from digital “media owners” to then sell on to clients for the running of advertisements and commercials can be considered superfluous when clients can use owned media for continuous brand content conversation. (A brand content approach empowers brands to act as if they are media owners themselves.)

But just like you don’t know how a particular conversation with a friend over coffee will pan out, brand conversations with customers are unpredictable. This can scare brand owners who are not used to the dynamics of real time marketing.

The payoff for honest, direct and transparent brand content conversations with customers is substantial though, as deep engagement and long-term relationships are developed with customers. Just like real world personal friendships.

Entrepreneur magazine cover

Twisted Toast in Entrepreneur!

Twisted Toast founders Kim Browne and Louis Eksteen were featured in the June issue of Entrepreneur magazine. Click through to view the article!
Twisted Toast print ad

Twisted Toast's first print ad!

Prepared for CTP Printers Johannesburg, Twisted Toast's first print ad ran this past month in Time Magazine and Business Day. We've got the full story inside.
Kim Browne, CEO

Musings from Kim, our CEO

June started on a high with Twisted Toast Digital being awarded the Make a Million 7 campaign. It was our first pitch against other digiratti and we’re completely stoked at blowing them out of the water! Welcome to client number four, we look forward to working with you.
We’d scheduled our first agency credentials pitches to Starcom MediaVest Group, Zenith Optimedia and Idea Engineers for week two. It was fantastic talking to friends in the industry about our digital brand content and owned media obsession and we generated five strong project prospects to work on. A crazy, busy week!
Week three was short, but we were progressing some exciting projects for clients and geared up for the launch of two websites in a few weeks’ time. Two brand identities, four print ads done and dusted.
Week four had us pitching to client number five, who have just appointed us. High fives!
We did our first location shoot and planned the next one for early July. We even had to turn down a potential client due to conflict. Go figure. Most importantly, we started planning the first TTD braai on our patio for mid-July and decided on the fly we may just need a “braai dry-run” to end this week off. That’s our story and we’re braai-ing to it!
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