March 2017


Rise of the chat app

With Snap Inc’s successful listing on the New York Stock Exchange yesterday comes renewed interest in the rise of the chat app. The owner of the popular chat app Snapchat saw its share price rise a phenomenal 44% during its first day of trading. Now the attention of investors is squarely on how Snapchat will deliver profits in future. There really is only one way: Advertising.

Although the apps work in very different ways, the closet competitor to Snapchat remains the all-out favourite WhatsApp, owned by Facebook. WhatsApp used to have a paid-for option that few people knew about. The company dropped this fee in 2016. The only viable way in which this chat app can therefore generate revenue in future, is through advertising.



Excellent start to the year


The first quarter of 2017 has started and the year is off to an excellent start – I’m just not quite sure where January and February went! The Toasters are all well into the year, with no luxury of “easing into things”. It’s just been work at full throttle from day one this year, with holiday memories and the tan a thing of the past.

I just love this time of year – everything looks so bright and new (especially after the significant rain we’ve had in Jozi), everything is full of promise and possibility. It’s especially great when clients come back full of excitement at the prospect of tackling new projects with us. It might not quite be new year resolutions being implemented, but an intent to DO that thing that for whatever reason didn’t quite happen the year before. Much better in my books!



New Atterbury development sites

Pemba Shopping

The new Atterbury shopping centre development in Pemba, Mozambique is opening later this year. 

Precinct 14

Atterbury is developing a new mixed use precinct close to the well known 14th Avenue offramp on the N1 highway in Johannesburg. 

Old Mint

Atterbury's Old Mint Park is conveniently situated between the Brakfontein interchange (Old Jhb/Pta road) and Samrand off-ramps, on the border between Midrand and Centurion.

Randport Industrial

Atterbury is developing the new Randport Industrial land fronting the N3/N12/ and N17 interchange in Germiston.

Dries Visser Pure-Bred Game Auction

Long standing Twisted Toast client, Dries Visser Pure-Bred Game held a successful first auction at the Wildswinkel Auction Venue in Bela-Bela recently.

Why Easter is early ths year

Would you believe that the date of Easter is related to the full Moon? Specifically, Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the paschal full Moon on or just after the vernal equinox.

For simplicity, the equinox is considered March 21 (a fixed spring date set by the church) though it’s not always that day. The paschal full Moon always falls on the 14th day of a lunar month; because ancient calculations (made in a.d. 325) did not take into account certain lunar motions, it may differ from the actual full Moon date by a day or so.

Easter always falls on a Sunday between March 22 and April 25.

Source: Easter dates
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