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Lettres du Voyant by Louis Henderson
Utopia 1.0: Post ­Neo ­Futurist ­Capitalism in 3D! by Annie Berman
All That is Solid by Louis Henderson
A performance by Emile Zile

Interval presents Mining the Cloud: a series of desktop documentaries by local and international artists.

Charting the multitude of the Internet through the desktop interface, these films and performances record the virtual as real, traversing landscapes that fall outside our visual circuits. From abandoned virtual realities to electronic dumping grounds of Ghana, this is the detritus of late capitalism in a time of rapid technological change.

The desktop documentary is an emerging practice drawing from the disciplines of ethnography, archaeology and contemporary art. Using desktop browsers as both lens and edit suite, these films and performances excavate artefacts from under the "cloud". These artists respond to the human impulse to navigate, archive, interpret and ultimately control the world around us. 

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Lettres du Voyant by Louis Henderson (UK) 

Lettres du Voyant is a documentary-fiction about spiritism and technology in contemporary Ghana that attempts to uncover some truths about a mysterious practice called "Sakawa" - internet scams mixed with voodoo magic. Tracing back the scammers' stories to the times of Ghanaian independence, the film proposes Sakawa as a form of anti-neocolonial resistance.

All that is Solid by Louis Henderson (UK)

A technographic study of e-recycling and neo-colonial mining filmed in the Agbogbloshie electronic waste ground in Accra and illegal gold mines of Ghana. The video constructs a mise-en-abyme as critique in order to dispel the capitalist myth of the immateriality of new technology - thus revealing the mineral weight with which the Cloud is grounded to its earthly origins.

Utopia 1.0: Post ­Neo ­Futurist ­Capitalism in 3D! by Annie Berman​ (US)

A first­-person expedition to Second Life, the once thriving virtual 3D online world, in search of what remains. Given the invitation to come build anything imaginable, what is it that we chose to create?


A performance by Emile Zile (AU)

Building on the recent body of work Desktops, Emile Zile’s performance creates narratives from computer screen captures, search term collages and algorithmic portraiture to explore human mediated communication and the circulation of digital images.

Interval is a new platform for documentary art. Based in Australia with international scope, Interval presents films, discourse and expanded documentary practice. We are interested in work that experiments formally to question the boundaries of documentary as a practice, a set of conventions and a theoretical construct. Interval engages artists to reflect on their practice with a focus on what is left out, the interval between reality and representation.

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