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Commodore's Comment

Hello All
If you haven’t already heard, I had an accident on Good Friday that resulted in 7 broken ribs, broken collar bone and shoulder blade. I’m expecting to be released from hospital within the next 2 – 3 weeks. One advantage from this enforced rest is time to think and address matters that were kept for “when I get some spare time I should…”

Over recent weeks the flag officers have received feedback that suggested the committee has not kept the members fully informed of what we have been doing and what we are planning. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to address the above, let you know what the committee has achieved since the last AGM and what we are planning leading up to the AGM. (7th October 2018)

The Yard Committee are heavily involved in preparing the plan and timeline for the new yard layout to be presented at the AGM in October. While the most preferred option sees the dingy lockers being removed, it has been recognised that the announcement to end the longstanding hardstanding and to end the dinghy lockers leases in July was premature in the absence of that finalised plan and timeline. Therefore no action in relation to terminating longstanding hardstanding and the dingy lockers will be taken pending the agreement by the members to that plan and timeline. However we will be looking to shorten the terms of the leases if the plan is adopted to give us access to that area when needed but also allowing members to use the dingy lockers for as long as possible.

At long last we have been able to remove the concrete yacht from the Eastern hardstand, freeing up one cradle space. Unfortunately the cradle was severely rusted and damaged in the removal resulting in its write-off. When considering its replacement we recognised that we need more XL cradles; we are currently pricing one and considering if we could purchase 2 at this time.

New wastewater and discharge regulations are being introduced by the city council in July and this affects our Travelift water blasting. Also the council recently investigated us following a complaint from the public regarding the water blasting runoff discolouring the water in the marina.  The council warned the Club that action needs to be taken to stop this. This has seen us obtain plans for and install a low cost temporary treatment process that meets council requirements and includes components that can be reused in our yard redevelopment.

Servicing the upper arms of the Travelift requires us to hire an elevated work platform or "cherry picker", and this has resulted in delays in regular serving while waiting for sufficient work to justify the hire.  It also creates additional work in coordinating the hireage and tradesmen to do the servicing. After investigating alternatives we have purchased a scaffold system suitable for the job.   

Our management committee have been documenting the office systems, procedures and policies as well as updating all employment documentation to ensure consistency and to create a library of documents for management purposes. This work will be ongoing and to ensure our documentation stays current, reviews will be added to the compliance register.

The club’s internal Wi-Fi system has been upgraded as a result of our being able to connect to high speed broadband – a big thank you to Murray and Johnno for their help and support in this project. Members will notice they are no longer required to login to connect to the network as the equipment used allows for multiple levels of access.  High speed broadband not only helps the office manager with faster internet, but also ensures that backups of the office computers can now be stored in the cloud. Additionally this allowed us to take full advantage of the upgrade to the CCTV camera system by giving us the ability to view camera images remotely. The new CCTV system also provides motion detection recording and records in high definition (giving us the ability to zoom in on number plates/faces etc.).

The House committee has continued to not only deliver our regular program of events (a very well attended drag themed Adults Christmas Party, Children’s Christmas Party and Fishing Competition, Wednesday speakers etc), and we successfully hosted some Porirua City Council activities as a part of the Waka Odyssey NZ Festival. We added an Oktoberfest, hosted fund raising quizzes for Te Omanga Hospice, continued the annual Bathtub race with great new entries and a birdman competition. The foundations of the handle club are all set up and we have new volunteers to help us with upcoming activities that are being planned (see below).
New bar stools have been added to the wardroom and following requests from members we replaced the projector with a 75” TV screen.  Club night attendance continues to fluctuate, and it is disappointing to see poor turnouts. We continue to explore ways to improve attendance and would encourage you to let the committee know if you have ideas or suggestions regarding this, either by emailing Menno direct or using the suggestion box in the club. We do look forward to your suggestions – as above the new TV in the wardroom came from members suggestions – another we are working on is giving members access to an electronic club vessel register.

Finally the committee has discussed how to handle the constant approaches by members about issues, ideas and/or suggestions they may have while socialising in the wardroom. Committee members (apart from the evenings Duty Officers) are visiting the wardroom for the same reasons members do, to socialise and partake of a beverage or two. Discussions involving club business in this situation have the potential to deliver a mixed message and others could overhear part of the conversation and form a mistaken view of an issue; this can result in rumours starting. The committee has agreed that the best way forward would be that if we are approached with issues/ideas/suggestions, we request that member put these in writing, either using the suggestion box in the wardroom or emailing it to or  The reasons for requesting a written approach are to avoid things being forgotton, present the issue to the committee, avoid any misunderstandings as to what the issue is and gives the committee a chance to proffer a suggested course of action in a less public manner. It is very difficult to respond officially to anything unless it is in writing. We are all aware that sometimes this is difficult as members approach us individually and some sort of discussion often takes place. However there is line that does get crossed. Please do not be offended if a committee member makes a request that you put the issue in writing as above and does not continue the discussion. The committee has made a firm commitment not to shortcut this process and we hope you will support this too.

I look forward to seeing you all when I’m recovered.

Mike Quayle

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From the editors

Welcome to the May edition of Mana Cruising Clubs enewsletter.

This newsletter and the email "Things from Thursday" are the main ways the committee communicates with all members. It is also a means for members to share news and views. This is the current preferred method of sending and receiving information rather than other social media such as Facebook and the website.  Those sites are useful for letting many people know of up coming events that the wider public might like to watch or participate in.
The club has a range of email addresses for different purposes; (Mike) for general ideas and feedback. - (Eleanor) for ideas/suggestions/articles to share with members in this e letter format. - (Colin) for all bookings for the travel lift and general queries about the yard area. (Cathy) for membership information and payments, general business. for restaurant bookings and feedback. for general business and to ask questions to be put to the committee at meetings.
Menno  - for front of house queries and social events (Allan) - Rear Commodore Yard for queries/information about the yard area.
Sailing convenor - for all things regarding yacht racing.

Hope this helps identify who to send information to in the first instance.  The suggestion box is on the bar and messages can also be dropped into there.  Please remember to add your name if you are expecting the committee to make a response to you. 
Best wishes to Dean and Janie setting off on their yacht Pebbles this week to cruise to Fiji for an extended stay - avoiding the NZ winter.  We look forward to tales of their adventures on their return.  

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Year Round Fishing Competition

We all know about the one that got away or the one we caught but released (or dropped) so now is your chance to capture the evidence as a photograph with your trophy fish against one of the new club measures. 
First purchase your measure - $20 from the office.
Second catch your fish, hold them up to the measure and take a photo.  (Fish can be any species, any length, just make sure you return the baby ones or not so tasty ones to the water).

When you get back send your photo in to:

The club will have a special fishing competition winners announcement on a  Thursday night every 2 months.

The entries over the previous 2 month period will be totalled and prizes allocated for the average of each species, the average being the prize winner.

On Opening day (13th October 2018), the biggest fish in each category will be awarded a separate prize. 


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Sailing Winter Series 2018

Registration evening - Wednesday 2nd May 1900 hours - 

 1st race Sunday 6th May - Briefing 1100 hours Start 12.30 hours 
2018 Winter Series Race Schedule
Date Race Schedule High Water Time Tide Height   Briefing Race Start
6/05/2018 1 long race 13:25 1.5   11:00 12:30
20/05/2018 2 short races 13:21 1.6   10:30 12:30
17/06/2018 1 long race 12:27 1.6   10:00 11:30
1/07/2018 2 short races 17:56 0.6   9:00 11:00
15/07/2018 1 long race 17:45 0.6   9:00 10:30
29/07/2018 2 short races 17:09 0.6   8:30 10:00
19/08/2018 1 long race 14:49 1.4   12:15 13:45
2/09/2018 1 long race 13:52 1.5   11:15 12:45
16/09/2018 1 Mark Foy / Reserve 13:34 1.6   11:00 12:30
23/09/2018   Prizegiving
High water times are measured at Mana 41.06S 174.52E
Happy sailing

John Setter
Sailing Convener

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Upcoming Events For Your Diary

Looking forward we will be holding a wine and cheese afternoon on June 10th, the Birdman on June 30th and Oktoberfest on October 27th. Please put these dates in your diary, we would love to see your support for these club events.

Events in May 
Winter series racing starts with registration evening on Wednesday 2nd May 1900 hours -
1st race Sunday 6th May - Briefing 1100 hours Start 1230 hours.

2nd race Sunday 20th May - Briefing 1030 hours Start 1230 hours.

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New Members

A very warm welcome to our new members listed below.  We know you will enjoy both the great facilities the club has to offer and the events organised by your committee.

Regular  Members
Doug Dixon Wellington Yacht Zeppelin
Harry & Summer Izard-Price/Hodder Foxton Beach Yacht Tara Tama
Roy Little Tauranga Trailer Craft TBA
Alan Stewart Porirua Yacht Helena
Scott & Rachel Willson Wellington Trailer Craft Rosco's

Country Member 
Roy Little Tauranga Trailer Craft TBA

Associate member

Mike Campbell Tawa

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Buy, Sell, Exchange

This space is for members to advertise "Buy, Sell and Exchange"  boating related items.  No more than maximum of sixty words can be accepted.   Please don't forget to include a picture and your contact details. Email your advert to

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