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New 1Password 4 for iOS 50% off

Dear Friends,

We wanted to let you know about a special holiday sale for 1Password for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). This secure password vault is available right now for 50% off the regular price. We are big users and proponents of 1Password, and recommend it highly.

As a reminder, we are also still highlighting the Pogo Stylus, Microsoft Office for Mac 2011, and OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion." You can order the Pogo Stylus from MacAtoZ directly, Microsoft Office from our Amazon link, and Mountain Lion through our Mac App Store Link.

Our best wishes for a wonderful holiday season!

Best regards,

Ty Davison

Pogo Stylus

Pogo Ten One Stylus

The Pogo Ten One Stylus features a high-gloss curved pocket clip that keeps the stylus handy. In works with iPhone, iPad, and multitouch trackpads like those found on Apple laptops. Also works with gloves and long nails. For most touch-based devices, your finger is a great input device. If you're drawing or signing something, a stylus can be a very helpful object to have. Buy a Pogo Ten1 Stylus from MacAtoZ today for only $8. Call Brittany at 503-507-0410. 
Microsoft Office: Mac 2011

Microsoft Office: Mac 2011

Although Apple's iWork Suite (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) offers much of the power of Office at half the price, many business and individuals prefer Microsoft Word for wordprocessing, Microsoft Excel for spreadsheets, and Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations. If so, you can purchase Microsoft Office: Mac 2011 for below retail here
OS X Mountain Lion

OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion"

The latest Apple Macintosh operating system is ready to go! Click here to purchase this incredibly feature-rich OS for just $19.95. (Requires that your Mac's current operating system be 10.6.8 or 10.7.) Enjoy over 200 new features, including Messages, Notification Center, Dictation, and more.
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