In this issue: Announcing four shiny-new Apple operating systems; A word on upgrading your operating systems; Apple Watch Nike+; Have you heard about Canary?
October 2016 Newsletter

Announcing four shiny-new Apple operating systems

As if on cue, Apple's new operating systems followed their fall product releases:

MacOS Sierra 10.12
We recommend you stick with El Capitan (macOS 10.11.6) until Sierra's initial kinks are worked out. If history is a guide, around February or March Apple will release the ".3" version of Sierra. It's typically the ".3" revision that we end up recommending because it will be a lot more stable and better able to integrate with third-party software. Sierra may not be ready for prime time just yet, but it's got some great features to look forward to including Siri for the Mac. Recommendation: WAIT. 

iOS 10
iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch have a new upgrade, but there's also no rush to switch if you're happily on iOS 9. With touch devices, there's always a learning curve when you switch operating systems because Apple tends to, and has once again, made some big user interface changes. We've installed iOS 10 on several devices, and while it's been generally okay, we've also seen some drop outs during phone calls. Messages and Maps have both received huge overhauls, adding features and perhaps rendering them a little more difficult to use. There's a learning curve here, but by and large things have worked okay. Recommendation: UP TO YOU. (Upgrade to iOS 10 if you wish; stay on iOS 9 for now if you're in no hurry.)

tvOS 10
This operating system update for the 4th generation AppleTV is one we have no trouble recommending—with one caveat: Some of the features and apps in tvOS 10 require iOS 10 on your other devices in order to work. This may affect when you decide to update. By and large, if you have an AppleTV, you should feel free to update. Recommendation: INSTALL. 

WatchOS 3
It doesn't matter which Apple Watch series you have, the WatchOS 3 is so substantially better than the previous version that you will absolutely want to upgrade. The original Apple Watch was painfully slow; WatchOS 3 makes it tolerable. The new OS is a really nice upgrade and so much faster. Recommendation: INSTALL.

A word on upgrading your operating systems

As a rule, our advice is usually to wait on upgrading your operating system with new releases. This is because Apple sets a ship date and off it goes, even if the internal developers aren't quite finished. Even as the new OS is being downloaded, Apple is working feverishly on the ".1" bug-fix update—an update that typically ships a couple weeks after launch. Some 6-8 weeks later, we usually see the ".2" revision to the operating system which patches the first wave of bugs reported by the initial downloaders. And then another. In time, you get a really nice, stable system.

Many people successfully upgrade soon after an operating system is released. For others, however, an operating system upgrade breaks either some function or third-party software that they rely upon, and there's no way to fix it because the patches aren't yet available. We believe that it's better to let someone else test things out while you continue using a well-tested, reliable older version. 

When it comes to upgrades, we're happy to help if you want help, training, or troubleshooting. If you're in the Sentinel program, there's even a discount for our time. Just call or email to schedule an appointment.

Apple Watch Nike+

Although most of Apple's new products arrived in September, there's one more Watch arriving designed especially for runners. The Apple Watch Nike+ has a stylish look and four different color combinations with silver, bright green, and black. Along with Nike branding, the specialized wristband is more flexible and breathable. The watch face has both digital and analog styles and launches the Nike+ Run Club app. In terms of functionality, it's the same new Apple Watch Series 2 with the built-in GPS to trace distance and route (no more carrying a phone on your run) just with Nike watch band and Nike+ app. The Watch Nike+ will be available in late October.

Have you heard about Canary?

Canary is a home video monitor that hooks into your router either wirelessly or wired. It connects via app to your iPhone and shows you a wide-angle view of wherever you point it in home or business. Canary's many other features include: 

  • setting and activating a home or business alarm system remotely
  • recognize different people's registered phones as they enter or leave the building
  • environmental monitoring (temp, air quality, humidity)
  • motion detection

Canary is easy to use and set up and available on Amazon. Although most people think of MacAtoZ when your Mac needs support, we also offer installation of products that connects to the Apple ecosystem including Canary. We've got a Canary in our office, so we're well-versed in how it works. 


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