In this issue: OS X 10.11.1 El Capitan: Nope; iOS 9.1: Looking good; Sentinel/Sentinel+ 30-day FREE trial and waived set up fee; Collecting those certifications; a bit of whimsy. 
November 2015 MSS Newsletter

OS X 10.11.1 El Capitan: Nope

Apple has issued their first revision of El Capitan, and as usual, we recommend waiting. There are a few nice new features: Split screen view, a vastly improved Notes app, faster performance, etc. And of course you've got to love that it's free, since a decade ago an OS X upgrade would have cost $129. 

But we haven't seen anything yet that makes us find El Cap a compelling, must-have-it-right-away thing, and the operating system is young enough that if you upgrade and encounter problems, there may be no solution until Apple issues another update, whenever that might be. 

If history is any guide, we'll be recommending the 10.11.3 update—something we expect to see after the first of the year. In the meantime, 10.10.5 Yosemite is a mature, stable operating system and one we are happy to endorse.

iOS 9.1: Looking good

Last month we gave the thumbs-up to iOS 9.02. We're now in the position to do the same for iOS 9.1. Specifically, we've had good results with iPhone 5S, 6, and 6S and iPad Air and Air 2. 

We can't yet speak to how iOS 9.1 runs on older hardware as, frankly, Apple is pumping out iOS upgrades faster than we can deploy them to and test them on all devices. If Apple can just stop issuing updates for bit, it would sure make our job easier. 

Nonetheless, iOS 9.1 contains a number of important security patches. If you have an iPhone or iPad that will run it, you should upgrade anyway. (Hardware requirements: iPhone 4s or later, iPad 2 or later, iPad mini or later, and iPod touch (5th gen).)

Sentinel/Sentinel+ 30-day FREE trial and waived set up fee

For a limited time, we are offering a special 30-Day FREE trial of Sentinel and Sentinel+ and we're waiving the standard $10 account set up fee as well. There has never been a better opportunity to try out our Monitoring (Sentinel) or Monitoring, Maintenance, and Security (Sentinel+) service. 

With Sentinel, you get 24/7 monitoring of the health of your Mac so that you're not "flying blind" when it comes to computer problems. Sentinel+ includes this same level of 24/7 monitoring and adds Maintenance and Security to keep you Mac running well and safely. 

You can learn more about or sign up for Sentinel/Sentinel+ at If you have any questions, please contact us. 

Collecting those certifications

We're happy to inform you that both our technicians, Ty Davison and Dynée Medlock, are now officially Apple Certified Support Professionals for OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Once Apple issues a certification for El Capitan, rest assured we'll be getting that certification too. 

Certifications are important because they're your guarantee from Apple that we know what we're doing and what we're talking about. We live in an era where we keep our most important information on our computers—photos, financial data, personal writing, and so on. In the same way that you wouldn't go to an attorney who's not passed the bar exam or to a doctor without a medical license, we think you deserve to have people working on your Mac who are similarly qualified. 


A bit of whimsey 

Is there anything cuter than animals playing on iPads? No, there is not. 


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