Newsflash: 1Password available for half-off; Amazon referral link
November 2011 MSS Newsflash

1Password available at 50% off regular price

The developer of 1Password is making it available at 50% off until November 30. For some time now I've been recommending a password storage program called 1Password. It keeps all of your web passwords, credit card information, and more in an encrypted data vault so that you need only remember one password. (Hence the name.) Without something like 1Password people tend to use the same passwords repeatedly, to employ easy-to-remember but easy-to-hack passwords, or to write passwords down in a log book (or sticky notes) next to the computer. None of these are best practices from a security perspective, and 1Password solves all of that. 

Normally 1Password for the Mac is $50. Until November 30, you can get it for $25 either through the Mac App Store or at the developer's web site. The iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch version is also on sale and available through the App Store.

I've been using 1Password for over a year now and find it indispensible. I think you will too. referral link

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I am Ty Davison, the only Apple-certified, Apple Consultants Network member in Oregon's mid-Willamette Valley.

My company, MacAtoZ LLC, provides technical support, upgrade, installation, networking, training and tutoring, web design and hosting, and remote support services for Apple products like Macintosh computers, iPhones, iPods, and iPads. 

I've been providing computer services for clients in the Salem area since 1999. I am certified by Apple and I carry $1 million in business liability insurance. I am a frequent and well-known presenter (and former Board Member) of the Salem Macintosh Users Group (SMUG). You can count on me and my company.

At $96 an hour, MacAtoZ offers one of the lowest certified on-site rates in Oregon. Our innovative remote support program, the MacAtoZ Service Suite (MSS), also provides a wide-range of features at incredibly low-prices.

If you're looking to save money on Apple and Apple-related products, check out our MacAtoZ Online Store. (If you're looking for computer memory, we sell that directly.)


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