In this issue: WWDC News; T-Mobile + iPhone = Wow!; Sentinel update; Tip of the Day.
July 2016 Newsletter


Apple's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote on June 13 turned out to be anticlimactic from a hardware perspective. No new Macs, iPhones, AppleTVs, AppleWatches, etc. 

Apple did, however, announce some operating system upgrades coming this fall, including macOS Sierra 10.12. (Note that "OS X" has been retired in favor of "macOS." We're confident that given a decade or so, we'll get used to this change.)

In the short run, the big news is that for anyone with a Mac, it's El Capitan 10.11 time. If you're on anything other than El Cap or Yosemite (macOS 10.10), you should upgrade as soon as practical. Yosemite users should at least go to the Mac App Store (in your Applications folder) and download if not install El Capitan. By downloading El Cap now, you'll still be able to install it later when Sierra ships and El Cap is otherwise no longer available. 

As always, should you wish help upgrading to El Cap, we remain ready to assist. We're a just a call or an email away. 

T-Mobile + iPhone = Wow!

We've had our iPhones (and iPads) with AT&T since about 2008.

Back then AT&T was the only iPhone carrier, so my choice was easy: Use AT&T with a new iPhone or remain on Verizon with the awful Motorola e815 cell phone that was frequently so rage-inducing as to make me want to pitch it into a wall.  

Although AT&T's high prices often encouraged cell carrier shopping I could never find another that was as reliable and offered both simultaneous talk and internet—a feature we've always used and consider essential to being able to help our clients. 

The equation has changed. Two years ago T-Mobile, a low-priced upstart bought a swath of spectrum in the 700-Mhz frequency (LTE Band 12) and began rolling it out across the US.

The results are amazing, with one caveat: You have to have an iPhone 6S, 6S+ or SE in order to pick up the 700-MHz frequency. If you have an earlier iPhone, you'll want to trade up to a new iPhone—something T-Mobile makes relatively easy—as you switch.

At MacAtoZ, we had an iPhone 6S+ and a bunch of older iPhones. But the T-Mobile offer was compelling:
  • We traded in all our old iPhones for credit which we used to purchase iPhone 6S models;
  • T-Mobile paid our termination fees with AT&T when we opted out of AT&T's contract.
  • We now get 6 GB of data per month per device instead of all devices sharing 15 GB;
  • There are no overage fees. If somebody uses more that 6 GB, their data speed will be slower for the rest of the month. No additional costs. 
  • Unused data amounts rollover to the next month so if someone doesn't use all 6 GB the remainder is available for next month.
  • All calls in North America (US, Mexico, Canada) are free.
  • T-Mobile voice and data coverage seems to be at least as good as AT&T, and yes, we can talk and access the Internet simultaneously. 
  • Although your mileage may vary in terms of how much you save, for us T-Mobile is somewhere between $1200-$2500 less expensive annually. (Admittedly, we have more iPhones than most.)
  • T-Mobile has ongoing prize giveaways for customers on every Tuesday.
If you've not checked out T-Mobile as a possible iPhone carrier recently, it may be well worth your time. We've been very pleased.

Sentinel update

There isn't much malware for Mac, but there is some, and it grows increasingly dangerous. The new Sentinel monitoring update to 6.5.3 detects even more than before, adding new malware definitions to help keep all the Macs we're watching safe. 

Sentinel monitoring will update automatically. There is nothing Sentinel members need do to gain this additional protection. If you're interested in seeing how Sentinel or Sentinel+ can help keep your Mac safe, visit


Tip of the Day

Want to make the icons and text on your desktop larger without changing the screen resolution? Sure, you do! It can make files and folders easier to see and to read. 

So in Finder, go to View > Show View Options and you'll get make the icons larger or smaller and change the font size between 10-16 point. If that's not big enough for you, you can change screen resolution in System Preferences > Displays, but the trade off is that making things bigger on the screen that way means you have less room to store things. 


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