In this issue: Update iPhone/iPad to 14.4
January 2021 Newsflash

Update iPhone/iPad to 14.4

Apple has released version 14.4 of iOS for iPhone and iPad OS. This release includes security fixes for significant vulnerabilities and exploits that are already in use, according to Apple. Apple recommends you upgrade your iPhone or iPad immediately. 

We've tested 14.4 for only one day, which is far less time than we prefer. That said, Apple rarely issues "update immediately"-type warnings so, seeing no issues after 24 hours of testing, we're encouraging you to follow their advice:
Please update to iOS or iPadOS 14.4. 

First, make a backup of your device's data. See Apple Support article for details on how to do this if you'd don't already know: 

Next, go to Settings > General > Software Updates and follow the directions from there. 

Apple also issued updates for the AppleWatch and AppleTV. Both have seemed fine in the 24 hours we've had to try them. These are not usually devices that have major security concerns so taking more time before updating is fine.

As always, we'll have our full software, hardware, and security recommendations at the bottom of our monthly newsletter.



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