Thanksgiving/Popcorn History

Happy Thanksgiving! Did you know that popcorn played a starring role at the first Thanksgiving? Native Americans in Massachusetts brought bowlfuls of popcorn to the potluck feast in 1620. In fact, popcorn was an American favorite long before Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492. Native Americans enjoyed snacking on the fluffy white stuff and made quite a fashion statement with popcorn necklaces. In the 1700s, colonial women made a tasty breakfast by pouring milk and sugar over popcorn.  Today, we’re thankful that popcorn warms our tummies and our hearts as a healthy, high fiber snack to enjoy with friends and family!
99th BDAY!

It's our birthday! And we are proud to say we’re almost a century young. This fall marks the 99th year of JOLLY TIME Pop Corn, founded by Cloid H. Smith in 1914 in his Sioux City, Iowa basement. Although a lot has changed, two things remain the same… quality and family! Cloid’s great grandsons and great great grandchildren are working today to ensure your family time is the absolute best. Here’s to many more years to come!

Smart Balance
If you haven’t heard the news, JOLLY TIME now makes popcorn with the heart healthy Smart Balance patented blend of oils. Zero grams of trans fat. Zero hydrogenated oils. Same great buttery taste! Snacking just got way, way better. Pick some up at your local grocery store (here’s a coupon!) or order your own case of Butter or Butter Light online today!

It's a rainy afternoon and all you feel like doing is cuddling up in a big blanket and pinning your inspired little heart out. We get it. Luckily, JOLLY TIME is on Pinterest! As the weather gets chillier and well, crummier, pop up your favorite flavor of JOLLY TIME Pop Corn, get cozied up, and check out JOLLY TIME Pops for recipes, funnies, vintage stuff, and more!

Cyber Monday

Holiday shopping and more specifically, Cyber Monday are exciting. The anticipation and chaos can get the better of us. Whether or not you attain the best deals out there, make all that time surfing the web more meaningful by popping up a bowl of JOLLY TIME Pop Corn for an energy-sustaining snack. Trust us, you’ll forget all about the mad rush.


Harvest Update

Can you hear the kernels calling? It’s been a jolly harvest season, folks! The husks were brown and dry for the picking, and the kernels, which become hard over the season, reached ideal moisture levels. It’s popcorn galore here in Sioux City, Iowa, thanks to our farmers!


JOLLY TIME Made with Smart Balance...

Are you a JOLLY TIME Facebook fan? Search for a hidden kernel on and comment beneath the post, “I Found It!” You’ll notice that we sure had a great time celebrating National Popcorn Month and Halloween by putting a “pop” into October’s “boo” (that said, we’re always game for some scary movies and nervous nightly nibbling. Muahahaha!).

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